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Q: Does anybody that does football and real motocross think football is the harder sport?
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Which is a harder sport lacrosse or football?

lacrosse is harder

Which sport is harder gymnastics or football?


How motocross evolved into a big sport?

Motocross is a big sport?

Is motocross the most physically demanding sport?

. no motocross is not a physical demanding sport

Is motocross physically demanding?

Motocross is the second most physically demanding sport in the world, next to soccer. Trust me, I race motocross. now that's just not true, i race motocross to but not at a professional level, and there is no way in hell that a little soccer game could be harder

Which is harder - gymnastics or football?

Gymnastics is definitely a harder and tougher sport both skill wise and the sport itself. Gymnastics is such a brutal sport while football is for wimps Gymnasts are probably tougher than the navy seals!!!

Is motocross a game?

no it is clearly a sport

Is motocross the best sport?

If you have the $ yes

Is motocross the most physical sport?


Where Does Motocross Come From?

Motocross first started in europe, then the sport came to the U.S.

Which sport is harder swimming of football?

COMPETETIVE Swimming is definetely a harder sport than football. It requires more comittment and you laps up and down the pool. In foot ball practice you are standing on the sidelines watching OTHER people play. In swimming you use all of your muscles and it makes you healthier and fitter. In conclusion, swimming is obviously a harder sport:) AGREE: but, football you get hit by 200+ lbs, only part is harder is that its a PHYSICAL SPORT.

Is motocross a big sport?

AMA Motocross revenue for 2008 was reported to be 559 million.

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