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alot of people think dance is a sport but why would it not be a sport people alomost everydaay have a dance compotetion

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Q: How many people think dance is a sport?
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How many people think that skateboarding is not a sport?

Type your answer here... 4.3 thousand people think that skateboarding is not a sport

How many people say that dance is the best sport?

Average person says 70000000 people or more

Is dance a common sport?

Yes dance is a common sport because many people do it and there are many types of dances and studios. There is tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, lyrical, breakdance, folkdance, and acrobats.

If ballet is a dance and dance is a sport does that mean ballet is a sport?

Although people may think of ballet as a sport, surprisingly and technically dance is a performing art, not a sport. However, dance as well as specifically ballet requires energy, you also have to make it look easy and flawless, which makes it harder than all sports. This is because dance and ballet is not done to win but to become stronger and entertain. Those who compete might be able to say it's a sport, however this isn't the primary idea of ballet. Ballet is generally known as an art form because of it's beauty and style, this is the same with many other styles of dance.

Is the art of dance a sport?

YES!!! DANCE IS A SPORT!!! you should see how many crunches and push ups we do. i just had dance practice, and boy i am SORE!!!

How many people think that dancing is a sport?

200 thousand

How many people danced for Let's Dance for Sport Relief in 2012?

A total of 20 acts took part in Let's Dance for Sport Relief. There were 28 contestants in total when each member of the acts is counted.

How many people audition for so you think you can dance in total?


How many disabled people participate in a sport?

i Think about over 800

How many people at Columbus AFB think bass fishing is the greatest sport ever?

114 people.

How many people watch so you think you can dance?

Thousands maybe even Millions

Do most people think Cheerleading is a sport?

I would say it's a 50/50 toss up. Obviously cheerleaders and their family and friends think it's a sport. Many people in the past few years have come to see cheerleading as a sport because competitive cheerleading has become so mainstream. However, many people who only think of traditional lead-the-crowd cheering, so not believe it is a sport