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i like to play Basketball because it has to do wiht outside and lots of exercise.

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Q: Why do people enjoy playing basketball?
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Does LeBron James enjoy playing basketball?

Yes, he does enjoy basketball.

What sport does president most enjoy playing?


Is basketball awesome?

If you enjoy basketball then yes!! If you do not enjoy basketball then no it is not. If you do not enjoy sports then chances are you also wont enjoy basketball.

What hobbies does Barack Obama enjoy?

His favorite hobbies are playing basketball with his friends, playing golf, and reading.

What do people enjoy most when there doing fitness activities?

they enjoy soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

What activates does Michelle Obama enjoy?

I believe she enjoys playing basketball and gardening. She also likes to make people aware of being active.

What other activities do the locals enjoy in Spain?

Spanish people enjoy football,basketball, and cycling.

How many basketball players can be on the basketball court playing?

there can be 10 total people on the court playing. five people for each team.

Why people want to make the basketball team?

because they enjoy the sport

What are sports for teens?

In Australia lot's of teens enjoy playing; -Netball -AFL -Basketball -Soccer

What do children enjoy for an after school program?

The activities that children enjoy for an after school program are numerous and unique to each child. While one child may enjoy painting and drawing, another child may enjoy playing basketball or playing an instrument.

Why is basketball invented?

because some people where bord and thought of playing basketball

What games do kids in Guatemala enjoy playing?

Is soccer they play soccer with there family most of the time and Basketball to

Why is the sport of basketball an icon?

caused most people enjoy and love the game

Who are the People in playing basketball?

All kinds of race

When did people wear converses playing basketball?


How long have people being playing basketball?

James Naismith invented basketball in 1891

Do people enjoy playing Wii Fit?


Why did the start the NBA?

check your grammar , and so people could enjoy the game of basketball

How many people died while playing basketball?


How many play on basketball?

13 people are playing basketballs

Can i grow my hide by playing basketball?

yes, u can grow your height by playing basketball. mostly, u must have seen people who play basketball are tall and fit. this is because basketball includes jumps.

What does the President Barack Obama enjoy when he is not working?

He enjoys reading, playing golf, playing basketball with some of his friends, and spending time with his family watching movies.

Why do basketball players grow so tall?

it's not basketball players being tall, it's tall people playing basketball

What are hobbies of people of America?

Americans generally enjoy baseball, basketball, cheerleading and football (soccer)