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Q: What sport does president most enjoy playing?
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What sport does Barack Obama enjoy most?


How does a dog like to play?

he has the most fun playing fetch Dogs enjoy attention in general. Most do not have preference of sport but just that they receive attention from their master.

What sport do British people most enjoy doing?


Does President Obama hunt?

By most accounts, President Obama was not raised in an area where hunting or fishing was common. He did enjoy the outdoors and enjoyed playing sports, but there is no reporting about any hunting trips. But although he does not hunt, he has also never expressed any negative opinions about hunting or about sport shooting.

Which sport do british people most enjoy watching on tv?


What is the Most popular sport in US by participation?

It would probably be soccer, it is a VERY common sport and many people enjoy it. I play soccer and I also enjoy it.

Why is the sport of basketball an icon?

caused most people enjoy and love the game

What sports do people enjoy in Louisiana?

Football is the most popular sport in Louisiana.

Do teenage like to play football?

Not always football. And some teenage boys enjoy other sports. ( baseball, basketball,etc.) basketball is the most popular sport for teens. But teenage girls Enjoy sports as well. Not really playing them but cheering for them from the sidelines. Either watching or cheering on a cheer team. But football is another sport many teens enjoy.

What sport has the most members on a team?

Marathon races are one big sport in which many people participate to enjoy the long race.

What sports is Africa playing the most?

Africa's most popular sport is soccer

What sport is Gautam Gambhir most known for playing?

Gautam Gambhir plays the sport of Indian Cricket.

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