Why people want to make the basketball team?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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because they enjoy the sport

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Q: Why people want to make the basketball team?
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How many peolpe in basketball team?

There can be as many people as you want on a basketball team but, only 5 players from each team are alloud to play at once.

Why does Danny want to quit basketball in the book basketball?

He got cut from a team

Was the first basketball team segregated?

The first basketball team wasn't segregated. Actually, black players didn't want to play.

I want to play in a basketball team but i have glasses what do i do?

Try contacts. :)

How many basketball players in one team?

It depends, but you need at least 5 to actually play.

Where do the BYU basketball team play?

The BYU basketball team is located in Provo, Utah, at Brigham university. They play college basketball. They also have a website if you want to find out more information.

You have a team and you want to no about the games of basket boll?

Google; basketball training/plays

How do you make a team on roblox?

To make a team on Roblox... If it's in Build mode, simple, scripts. In a game... Develop a relationship with people and team up. The more people, the more they'd want to join due to power.

Why do people play basketball?

People want to have fun so they play basketball? People play basketball because is a team sport,so playin withother people makes it more fun.There are also people that just love the game,they feel alive when they are playin. People play because they think its fun and rewarding. They also play cause they can meet new people when they go to camps and basketball games.

Why is the US allowed to field a dream team in basketball?

Why wouldn't they? They want the BEST from every country

Can the captain of a basketball team wear a C on their jersey?

they can if they want i guess but who eally cares about the C

Why does katniss have a prep team?

to make her look pretty so that people will want to sponsor her when she is in the hunger games arena