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they enjoy soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

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What skills and activities do you Excel in and enjoy doing?

{| |- | 1.) What skills and activities do you excel in and enjoy doing? |}

What activities did martin Luther king jr enjoy doing?

It's sports

What activities did Abraham Lincoln enjoy doing?

he enjoyed playing with his buds and reading books.

What do the French people enjoy doing?

Everything that all other people enjoy. We are not aliens.

How do people spend their free time?

Many people spend their free time doing things that they enjoy. For some people reading is what they enjoy doing.

What other activities do the locals enjoy in Spain?

Spanish people enjoy football,basketball, and cycling.

What are some recccreational activities that people enjoy in France?


What do people in Madagascar enjoy doing?


How is City Fitness and its program?

City Fitness is a great Fitness club and people really seem to enjoy it. People's views and reviews on City Fitness have all been very good and very positive.

What does emotional fitness mean?

Emotional fitness means to exercise your mine, so if you're stressed and depressed you try and practice emotional fitness but doing something fun and that you enjoy, also you would try and relax.gotten from another answer.

What do the people of Greece enjoy doing?

they love to excersise

What do people do in the Rockies?

People in the Rocky Mountains do a number of activities. Hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities are quite popular. Many enjoy the scenery.

Do people that sign up for a fitness boot camp typically enjoy it?

Yes. Fitness boot camps are very hard work, but people often see results in shorter amounts of time. People also say that they have more energy throughout the day if doing boot camp in the morning. Not everyone enjoys fitness camps even if they volunteered to sign up for it. They are hard work and not everyone is cut out for it.

How do you decide if you a Tomboy?

You should probably be a little rougher and enjoy doing boyish things if you are a tomboy. Girly-girls usually enjoy doing girl stuff. Or you could be a little of both, like me. I enjoy girl things sometimes and boy activities sometimes.

What do people enjoy in Maryland?

People in Maryland enjoy most of the activities that people enjoy everywhere, such as TV, computer games, movies, theaters, museums, baseball, and restaurants.But one of the activities that is special to the Maryland area is boating and harvesting crabs in the Chesapeake Bay between Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

What is one question you could ask yourself to determine your favorite hobbies or activities?

"What is it that I am good at that I also enjoy doing?"

What activities did people do in the 1920s?

People in the 1920's had numerous activities that they could enjoy. They liked to swim, bowl, dance, and go to church functions.

What did the Celts enjoy doing?

what did celts enjoy doing

What sport do British people most enjoy doing?


Why do people dance polka?

Because they enjoy doing so.

What are some great fitness exercises for women?

There are many great fitness exercises for women. Many women enjoy doing yoga to help them relax and stretch. Also treadmill running is a popular exercise for women.

What activities did the aged enjoy doing?

listening to the cannon fire every night bc it was the only thing he could hear

What did amelia Earhart enjoy doing?

Amelia Earhart was a tomboy when she was young and enjoyed doing boy type activities. As an adult Amelia liked to hike and play the banjo.

What kinds of activities do Caribbean people enjoy?

reggae having dreads and smoking pot

How can you fight against drugs?

To prevent becoming addicted to drugs, you can get involved with sports, hang out with people you enjoy that don't do drugs, and try various fun activities. This way you'll see if you find a healthy free-time thing that relaxes you, and you enjoy doing.