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Most netballers wear dresses but some wear a skirts and tops. The reason for the short dresses is because they're mad out of light material so not only will it keep them cool and refreshed but because they are short they can't get caught on anything and they don't catch the wind. Therefor they can run faster and not have to struggle.

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Because a man designed the Netball uniform. It's logical.

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Q: Why do netballers wear dresses to play a netball game?
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What do netballers do?

play netball

Do Male Players in Netball have to wear skirts or Dresses?

no they do not have to wear dresses or skirts men play basketball although they can play netball however they wear pants

What does a netball player do while not playing netball?

Apart from training and playing netball, netballers don't do anything different to what other people do. We are still normal people who go to school, study, play sport and enjoy going out with friends.

Do men have to wear skirts or dresses to play netball?

Most of the time they wear shorts instead but it would be funny to see a boy wear a netball dress playing netball

Is netball a female game?

Netball is predominantly a game for females, however men can play too. There are both mixed and mens leagues.

Who was the first to play netball?

the first people to play netball were the female europeans. the sport was specially designed for females as they couldn't play basketball when they wore their longer dresses. this is why the majority of the players are female, and the international comps are only for women.

What is the least amount of persons that can play in netball game?

4 is the least amount that a netball team can have

Where Did Netball Get Its Name?

Netball was originally made from the game basketball and was named "netball" so that ladies could play a different style of basketball.

How do you play a game of netball?

you jump up and punch the ball

Why do you need rules in netball?

so you know how to play the game (:

Why there is no male netball tournament?

Netball is a more female game than male. It is a bit like football, which is more for males than females although some females do play football so males can play netball if they want to.

Why do you need catching as a skill in netball?

You definitely need catching skills to play netball because half the game involves catching.

How long does a netball game play for?

Way too long for my liking!

Why is netball needed in netball?

A netball is the ball used to play Netball.

Why do netballers wear a uniform?

Because it represents the country town or school you play for.

What does a referee do on a game of netball?

In a netball game a referee counts the scores and keep an eyes on the play just in case a mistake appears and tells the teams who's starts centre when a team scored.

What is the venue for netball?

you play netball on a netball court :)

How is netball a feminine game?

How is football a male game?! Netball isn't a feminine game at all really. Its just that the professional games are played with women. Many younger teams are open for boys to join and play but as they get older you have to join a mixed netball team and there are plenty around the place for all ages! Men start to get funny about netball and say its a girls sport because one of the rules is no contact (which really isn't true, plenty of dirty play in netball) plus they see that there are loads of girls playing and not many boys and the rules don't seem to suit them (supposebly)... But in all netball isn't just for girls! Its just that not many guys are brave enough to try and play it. and guys CAN play it.

Why do you need body composition in netball?

it helps you play better and you can go for longer in the game

Where to play netball?

you play indoor netball on wooden floorboards with the court painted on and you play outdoor netball on a bitumen area with a court painted on

What are the basic rules in netball?

you play for 15 minutes. Netball is a team game, where 7 players from each team, are on court at any once time. A netball team may have of up to twelve players on the their team.

Why do you play netball?

I play it because it is fun and you get to know more people. While it is fun you get fit and each game you play is different from the last.

What can you play netball on?

a netball court

How meany people play netball?

7 People Play in Netball

What qualifications do you need to be a netballer?

You do not need any qualifications to play netball. A good level of fitness, team working skills, a knowledge of the game and rules and a team to join. Depending what level of netball you want to play at, extra trainings and passion for the game would help also.