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Because it represents the country town or school you play for.

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Q: Why do netballers wear a uniform?
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What shoes do Netballers wear?

Asics is a common footwear brand that most netballers wear. However there are a wide variety of shoes that are specifically designed for netball.

Why do netballers wear dresses to play a netball game?

Most netballers wear dresses but some wear a skirts and tops. The reason for the short dresses is because they're mad out of light material so not only will it keep them cool and refreshed but because they are short they can't get caught on anything and they don't catch the wind. Therefor they can run faster and not have to struggle.

Do kids wear school uniform in France?

No Children do not wear uniform to school in France but some school maybe wear school uniform and some won't ask them to wear school uniform it depends on which school

Do chefs wear uniform?

Definitely not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not uniform but A uniform

Does a Ph D have to wear a uniform?

No, PhD's don't have to wear a uniform, but if you wan to wear a doctors uniform and a white coat or something your more than welcome to.

Do pupils wear uniform in Belgium?

No, pupils in Belgium don't wear uniform.

Should you wear a uniform to school?

unless your school has a uniform then wear it but not then dont

Does Nathaniel narbonne high school wear uniform?

nope, it is not required to wear uniform.

Do students at Harvard university have to wear uniform?

No university has a uniform. You can wear whatever you want.

What is the collective noun for netballers?

A collective noun for netballers is fields.

How do you dress for middle school?

if u wear uniform you should wear uniform. If you don't wear uniform you should wear skinny jeans, cute shirts, cute shoes, and you should wear makeup to get a boyfriend ,if you are plan on getting one.

What do you wear to school?

Two types: Uniform: it is mandatory that you wear the uniform that the school has provided, and no changes to it. Non-Uniform: You can wear what you like, aslong as it isn't offensive, rude or in-appropriate you can wear it.

Why you should wear school uniform properly?

You should wear your school uniform properly to avoid looking sloppy.

What do netballers do?

play netball

How many stars do the president wear on his uniform in time of war?

The US President is a CIVILIAN and does not wear a uniform

How many stars does the president of the US wear on his uniform in time of war?

The President is a CIVILIAN and does not wear a uniform

Do German children wear school uniform?

German children do not have to wear a school uniform in most cases. :)

Do you have to wear uniform in the school MS 181?

No you do not have to wear a uniform at MS181.

What do Olympic snowboarders wear when snowboarding?

They will wear a "Uniform", the 2010 Vancouver games uniform was designed by Burton...

Do the students who wear school uniform do better?

Generally, students who wear a school uniform do better in school.

Should kids not wear a uniform?

Kids should not wear a uniform because they get dirty too fast.

Do children in Spain wear a school uniform to school?

No only in privately own school do they wear uniform

Why the police and nurses wear uniform?

They wear a uniform so that others can easily identify them as emergency workers.

Why don't German kids wear uniform?

It was decided by the government in 1997 that German students shouldn't wear uniform due to the fact that lots of Nazis wore uniform during WWII. They don't wear uniform because the Germans looked at it like this: "the country has already worn uniform once, why do it again?"

Do children have to wear school uniform?

Not all children. Only children who go to schools that support a uniform policy have to wear a school uniform, like mine.