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Since 1984, NO Olympic games has every made a profit. Therefore, it is a losing money just to host it. The money is not a complete lost for the rich countries because they get international fame. Poor countries are not good candidate cities because 1) No tourist likes a poor; dirty area 2) they don't already have the land to build the stadium 3) they have to deal with other political problems before even having time to consider the Olympic games.

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Q: Why are the olympic games only held in rich countries?
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Where were the Olympic games held in 1983?

There were no Olympic Games held in the year of 1983. The Olympics are only held every two years, so only on even years.

What countries have not held olympic games?

New Zealand, Ireland,and most of the Pacific Island Countries including Hawaii to name only a few.

Where were the 1993 Olympic games held?

There were no Olympic Games held in 1993. Olympics are only held in even numbered years.In 1992, summer Olympic Games were held in Barcelona, Spain.In 1994, winter Olympic Games were held in Lillehammer, Norway.

How many times have the olympic games been held in Finland?

The Olympic Games have been held in Finland only once. They hosted the Summer Olympics in 1952.

When was the modern olympic start?

The modern Olympic Games were first held in Athens in 1896. They were restarted by the efforts of Pierre Fredy, Baron de Coubertin and there were only 241 competitors from 14 countries.

How many times have the Olympic Games been held in Rome?

Rome has hosted the Olympic Games only once. That was in 1960.

Is there a summer and a winter olympic torch?

No, there is not a summer and a winter olympic torch. There is only one torch. At the first olympic games ever held, the torch was lit, and it will never go out, so it just gets passed on to all of the olympic games that are held.

Difference between Commonwealth games Olympic games and Asian games?

The differences are the Olympic Games are open to all 201 countries that are members of the IOC (International Olympic Committee), the Commonwealth Games are only open to countries under the British monarchy and the Asian Games are exclusive to the Asian Continent and it's countries.

What were the only years that the Olympic Games were not held?

1916, 1940, 1944

Where were the 1947 Olympics?

There were no Olympic games held in 1947. Today, games are only held in even-numbered years, and until the late 20th century they were only held in years that are divisible by 4.

How many countries must participate in a sport for it to be considered as a Olympic event?

From the IOC:The IOC establishes the programme of the Olympic Games, which only includes Olympic Sports. 1 Olympic Sports included in the Programme of the Olympic Games 1.1 To be included in the programme of the Olympic Games, an Olympic sport must conform to the following criteria: 1.1.1 only sports widely practised by men in at least seventy-five countries and on four continents, and by women in at least forty countries and on three continents, may be included in the programme of the Games of the Olympiad; 1.1.2 only sports widely practised in at least twenty-five countries and on three continents may be included in the programme of the Olympic Winter Games.

What was the only event held at the earliest Olympic Games?

A foot sprint race.

Which Olympic games are held only for people with mental disabilities?

The Special Olympics.

Which event was the only one held at the ancient Olympic Games?

Stadion or ("Stade")

Who organized the very first Olympic games?

Explanation: The first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens. A Frenchman, Pierre de Coubertin initiated the revival of these ancient games. Only 14 countries participated and approximately 241 male athletes competed.

How many olympic games have been held in china?

China have only held the Olympics once and that was in Beijing in 2008

How many countries attended the beijing olympic games?

Around 204 countries attended the olympic games 2008 and only half of them even got gold. 3 didn't attend.

Where will the Olympics be held in 2021?

There are no Olympic Games in 2021. They only happen every 4 years and 2021 is not an Olympic year.

What was the only 'unofficial' Olympics ever held in the history of the modern Olympics?

I think it is the 1906 Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece. It is not officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as it is the first and only mid-cycle Intercalated Games to be held in Athens, Greece where some traditons were embraced.

Where what and when were the second olympic game held?

The Modern Era of the Olympic Games began in 1896, with Summer Olympics only. The first Games were held in Athens, Greece. The second were held in 1900 in Paris, France, The Winter Olympics were not introduced until 1924.

Were the winter games the only olympic games held in Australia?

The Winter Olympics have never been held in Australia. To date, only the Summer Olympics have been held in Australia: in Melbourne in 1956 and in Sydney in 2000.

Where were the 1954 Olympics held?

There were no Olympic games in 1954. At that time the Olympics were held only once very four years with both summer and winter games in the same year. The 1952 Olympic Games were in Helsinki Finland, and the 1956 games were in Melbourne Australia.

In what countries did the Olympics begian?

The first Olympic Games were held in Ancient Greece, in the year 776 B.C. in a place called Olympia. They were held every four years. They were dedicated to the Gods and, during the Olympic Games, allwars-disputes-fighting came to a halt. Only Greek city states and tribes were allowed to take place in the games, such as Athenians, Macedonians, Spartans, Corinthians, Thebans and others. The Olympic games came to a stop byt he Byzantine Emperors in the 5th century A.D. as pagan. The modern Olympic games started again in 1896 in Greece.

What is the deffrence between the Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games?

The Olymics are open to athletes from every country in the world. The Commonwealth Games are open only to athletes from the countries and dependencies that are members of the Commonwealth of Nations.Also, the competetion can include different sports, and the games are held at different times and palces.

What sports were included in the first olympic games held in 1886?

Tickling was the only sport included.