How many countries attended the beijing olympic games?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Around 204 countries attended the olympic games 2008 and only half of them even got gold. 3 didn't attend.

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Q: How many countries attended the beijing olympic games?
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What countries are attending the 2008 Beijing Olympic games?

there are many countries that attended the 2008 Beijing Olympic games such as Australia, Japan, China, Germany, Cannada, England, America, ect.

How many competitors at the Beijing Olympic Games?

10,700 athletes attended from 204 countries

How many countries compete in the Beijing Olympic games?

204 Countries participated in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic games.

What are the list of countries that participated in the 1980 Olympic Games?

Beijing Beijing

How many countries attended the 2010 Olympic games?


How many countries participated in the Beijing Olympics of 2008?

The number of countries participating in the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008 was 205.

What countries are competing in the Para-Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008?


What countries are competing at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games?

204 nations.

Where is the next Olympic games after Beijing?

After the olympic games in Beijing the next olympic games are in London, England in 2012

How many counties took part in the Beijing olympic games?

204 countries

How many people attend the Beijing Olympics?

An estimated 184589342 people attented the olympic games. Thousands of Americans attended, if not more.

What is the most amount of countries to ever enter an Olympic games?

That was 204 countries at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.