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When a ball is hit into left field it is the shortstop's job to act as a cutoff man while the second baseman covers second base and when the ball is hit to right field it is the second baseman's job to act as a cutoff unless the play is at home then the outfielder will throw to the first baseman as a middle man while the shortstop covers second base. Now if the ball is hit to center field then it is the shortstop's job to cutoff unless again the play is at home then the first baseman is the cutoff.

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Q: Who plays 2nd base when the ball goes to the left field?
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What is a foul ball in softball?

A foul ball is a ball that is hit outside of the foul lines on the field. A ball that bounces in fair territory then goes into foul territory before it passes a base is considered a foul ball. A ball that bounces in fair territory and then bounces into foul territory after it passes a base if considered a fair ball.

In softball what is a 'ball'?

Insoftball u get a strike (when the batter hits at the ball but misses). There is also a foul ball (batter hits the ball but it goes out of the field of play). Then u get the call of "ball" this is when the pitcher pitches the ball and it goes lower than the knees and if the ball is higher than the shoulders basically it is when the ball is unplayable). After one batter gets four "balls" then they get a free walk to first base, if there is someone on first base then they also get to walk to second base, etc.

A fly ball heading to left field goes over third base fair but the winds take it foul in left field and lands foul in left field is it fair or foul?

It is a foul ball. Beyond 1st or 3rd base, a fly ball is determined to be fair or foul by where it first touches the ground. Since it would have first touched the ground in foul territory, it would be a foul ball.

Ball goes OVER third base bag but lands in foul territory fair or foul ball?

If a fly ball goes over the third base bag and lands in foul territory, the ball is called foul. If a ground ball goes over the third base bag in the air, the ball is fair regardless of where the next bounce is.

Is it a home run if the ball bounces on the top of the wall and then comes back into the field?

No, a home run is when the ball goes out of the field.

When is the short stop the cut off person in softball?

when the ball is hit to the left fielder or goes into center field on the shortstops side of second base

What happens if a ball bounces and goes over the head of a batsman and batsman plays that ball?

the ball is given a no ball

Does a runner who is at first when the ball was hit and caught in the air in center field get to go to third if when they try to double him off at first and over throw and the ball goes out of play?

If the ball goes out of play, sometimes the runner automatically gets to advance a base. If that didn't happen, then yes.

If a infielder boots the ball from out of the base path into the base path and the runner runs in to him while he is trying to field the ball is the runner out?

No, once the fielder comes in contact with the batted ball a runner cannot be called for runner interference unless he intentionally goes out of his way (basepath) to make contact with the fielder

If a base runner is hit by a batted ball is he out if it goes past 2 fielders?

A Base runner is out anytime a batted ball hits him, unless he is touching a base.

What is the aerial ball in field hockey?

An aerial ball is when the ball goes into the air (a couple of feet off teh ground).

If a ball hits a base a bounces into the stands?

Bases are in fair territory but balls need to pass first or third base for it to be fair ball, so if the ball hits the base and goes into the stands it's a foul ball...

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