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No, once the fielder comes in contact with the batted ball a runner cannot be called for runner interference unless he intentionally goes out of his way (basepath) to make contact with the fielder

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Q: If a infielder boots the ball from out of the base path into the base path and the runner runs in to him while he is trying to field the ball is the runner out?
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If a base runner is advancing the infielder approaches and makes contact with the runner as he is running through the basepath to field the ball is the base runner out?

If the fielder has fielded a ball and has it in his possesion yes. If the fielder is in the path of the base and does not have the ball, the answer is no New answer: The fielder may enter the base path to field a BATTED ball and the runner must avoid contact whether the fielder has possession or not. The above answer is correct for a thrown ball only. (ie. the third baseman cannot position himself on the basepath while waiting for a throw from left field while the runner is advancing from 1st to 3rd on a hit.

Are the chances of a short person making it to the major leagues better as a catcher or an infielder?

infielder there are more on the field and catcher is the hardest position to play

How would you score this if the batter hits a ball the drops in center field but the runner at first is thrown out at second?

If the runner at second is out by being forced out, the batter is not given a base hit .... the play is ruled the same as if the ball was hit to an infielder that threw to second to force the runner. If the runner at second is out by being tagged because they rounded the base too far, the batter is given a base hit.

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Where does the field umpire stand if a runner is on first?

The field umpire will stand between the first base runner and the wall.

If a base runner is hit by the ball is it a dead ball?

No. Runner is part of the field, therefor the ball is in play and the runner is out.

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Is runner out if fielder does not field the ball and the runner is then hit by the ball?

If a runner in fair territory is struck by a batted ball prior to the ball having been fielded, the runner is out.

Runner from 2nd base runs into the shortstop fielding the ball is the runner out?

the fielder has the right to field the ball... the runner is OUT if he interferes in ANY way.

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Can a runner go to the dugout and then return to the base?

once the runner leaves the field and enters the dugout they are considered out.

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