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I think you are referring to the 2011 Champions lEague final. If that is the case, Barcelona won the Champions league final. They won 3-1.

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Q: Who one the champions league manu or Barcelona?
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How many times have man utd and Barcelona met in the champions league?

one times

How many penalty goals have scored Barcelona in champions league?

cristiano ronaldo one goal from penalty kick in champions leuage

How many goals has Henrik Larsson scored against Celtic?

One, with Barcelona in the Champions League.

How many times has man united lost champions league final?

Manchester United have only ever lost one Champions League final, against Barcelona in 2009.

Where can one purchase Champions League tickets?

One can purchase tickets for the Champions League directly from the clubs involved, such as Barcelona's official ticket office. Alternatively, one can get tickets through UEFA's official webpage.

Did Barcelona ever play Arsenal in a champions league final?

In the year 2006 Barcelona played and defeated Arsenal by two goals to one in the final.

Who has won champions league?

No one has won the Champion league yet Semifinals: Manchester United Vs Arsenal Barcelona Vs Chelsea

Was Motta sent off in champions league final?

No, no-one was sent off in the Champions League Final. Motta was sent off in the semi-final second leg against Barcelona, though.

In the 2001 UEFA Champions League match between Liverpool and Barcelona how many passes did Barcelona play before scoring their third goal?

One pass

How many trophies have Manchester united won with chicharito?

They've won one premier league and they played a champions league final but they lost against Barcelona sadly

How many times has arsenal football club won the uefa champions league?

Arsenal have not won the champion league as yet but they reach the teams for the cgampion league each year.They did reach one final and lost to Barcelona.

Who will win this year champions league?

It is very difficult to predict this year's winners as the competitions is tough. But it has to be one from Chelsea,Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

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