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Klay Thompson

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2015-04-23 21:17:37
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Q: Who is the best shooting guard in basketball in the league right now?
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What do the right and left guards do in basketball?

There are no right and kleft guards in basketball. There is a Shooting guard and a Point Guard

The starting shooting guard for the New Orleans Hornets?

As of right now, Morris Peterson

How does the trajectory affect the shot of the basketball?

by shooting it over your head at the right force and position of your release.

What does the shooting guard do in the basket?

he is in the wing (right side of 3 point line) and he does what the name says shoots

What is the five position of the basketball?

guard -left and right of arc forward-lower center-explains itself point guard- brings the ball down when on offense

What is the correct hand positio when shooting a basketball?

Arm on the right or left side of your body formed in a 90 degree angle.

What is the right style for shooting a basketball?

Any style is fine if you're good at it. However, one answer will not help everyone wanting to learn how to shoot a basketball. See related links.

Why is your bow not shooting right?

what do you mean by not shooting right

Why is shooting a basketball below the waist a lower success rate?

It is not the right form and is more difficult. Making it have a lower success rate.

What is the right angle for shooting a basketball?

Maybe a 45 Degree angel i think i got a question how much money does dwyane wade have?

On what arm should I wear my shooting sleeve?

Really doesn't matter which arm you put your shooting sleeve on, although some basketball players like to put it on their right hand if they are right-handed, or thier left if they are left-handed. Try it with both and see.

What team does D Wade play for right now?

Dwyane Wade is a top shooting guard for the Miami Heat, and has been with the team since 2003. There are no talks or plans of a move to another team right now.

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