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There are no right and kleft guards in Basketball. There is a Shooting guard and a Point Guard

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Q: What do the right and left guards do in basketball?
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What is lap in basketball?

going right and left with basketball and then shoot in basket

What players position in Soccer is similar to guards in Basketball?

The soccer equivalent to Basketball Guards would be a Forward or a Striker.

Are guards taller than forwards in basketball?


What are the shorter people in a basketball games?


Does basketball players wear shin guards?

No, in basketball players do not wear shin guards. Some leaugues do require knee pads though.

How do you shoot a left handed free throw in basketball?

The same way you shoot a right handed basketball...

How many Offensive guards are there in college football?

2 One left guard and one right guard. They are the positions in the offensive line to the right and left of the center.

What are the shorter players in a basketball team?

Point guards

What position do short players have for basketball?

Point guards

Why are you right handed but left handed in basketball?

There is a chance that you are originally left handed but your parents or whoever taught you how to write showed you with your right hand so you learn how to write with that hand but feel more comfortable doing basketball with you left hand.

I am right handed but shoot a basketball with left?

I am too and I'm trying to find out the answer!

A basketball team usually has two of these shorter player?


How can you spin in raid air basketball?

left down up right same time

Do ALL basketball teams require mouth guards?

yes they do it is for safety

What is role of two guards in basketball?

point guard and shooting guard

What are the 2 types of guards in basketball?

Point guard and shooting guard

How do you change right-handed in Wii Sports resort basketball?

you press on your guy and right before you play you press left

Are left handed basketball players better natural shooters than right handed players?


What are the positions of players in basketball?

2 Guards, 2 Forwards, 1 Center

Are mouth guards required for middle school basketball players in Vermont?


Do Dick's Sporting Goods sell basketball mouth guards?

Yes, Dick's has several models of mouth guards covering most activities.

How far apart should your feet be when shooting a basketball?

About 11cm apart and if you are right handed, you right foot should be slightly more in front than your left and if you're left handed your left foot should be slightly in front of your right.

What are some ways to use math in basketball?

well in my way of using geometry is the angle of the right hand to guide the basketball and the angle of the left hand and what angle you need to thrust the basketball in, symbolizing the direction of the basketball hoop

What guards the opening between the left atrium and left ventricle?

The Mitral valve.

What guards the opening between left atrium and left ventricle?

The Mitral valve