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As of the start of the 2008 season, the MLB record for being struckout is held by Reggie Jackson with 2,597.

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Q: Who holds the Major League Baseball career record for being struck out?
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Which MLB player struck out 2597 times?

Reggie Jackson struck out 2,597 times in his career. This is a Major League record.

Who has struck out the most as a Major League Baseball hitter?

That would be the great (seriously) Reggie Jackson who struck out 2597 times, more than 200 more times than second place, Sammy Sosa, who struck out 2306. Jackson is in the Hall of Fame, Sosa would have been if not for steroids but will most likely be voted in by the veterans committee.

Did Babe Ruth strikeout the most in Major League Baseball?

No. Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times in his career. Reggie Jackson is the major league leader in strikeouts with 2,597.

Who struck out the most?

In his 21 year Major League Baseball (MLB) career, Reggie Jackson holds MLB record for most career strikeouts by a player/batter, with a career total of 2,597 strikeouts - 46 times while with the Kansas City Royals, 1,180 with the Oakland Athletics, 108 with the Baltimore Orioles, 573 times with the New York Yankees, and 690 times with the California Angels.

How many home runs did Reggie Jackson hit in his career?

Reggie Jackson struck out 2,597 times during his career, an all-time major league record.

How many times did nolan Ryan struck out in his career?

Nolan Ryan struckout 5,714 batters in a career that spanned 1966, 1968-1993.

Baseball pitcher nolan Ryan struck out more batters than any other pitcher in baseball historyhow many batters did he struck out during his career?

5,000 +

Who struck out the most in major league baseball history?

Nolan Ryan struck out the most batters, but Reggie Jackson struck out the most at the plate.

Which player has been struck out the most in major league baseball in 2014?

Justin Upton Of the "Atlanta Braves"

How many times did Ty Cobb strike out?

According to, Ty Cobb struck out a total of 357 times in his career. However, strikeouts were not counted in the stats sheets until 1913. Cobb had eight years of big league experience by this point.

Who struck out the most times in the 2008 major league baseball season?

Mark Reynolds of the Arizona Diamondbacks with 204.

Who struck out Bryce Harper in perfect game?

nobody named Bryce Harper has ever played major league baseball.