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Pete rose

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Q: Who hit over 500 home runs as a phillies third baseman?
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Who hit over 500 home runs at a phillies third baseman?

Mike Schmidt.

If a ball is hit over third base and the third baseman reaches across the line and catches the ball is the batter out?

If the ball never touches the ground before the 3rd baseman catches the ball the batter is out.

Who was the New York Yankees third baseman before Robin Ventura?

Scott Brosius. Brosius retired after the 2001 season and Ventura took over at third in 2002.

What is it called when a player hits a softball in the infield for a home run?

It was not a home run. It was a hit with many errors. Say you hit a ground ball to 3rd and the 3rd baseman over throws the throw to 1st, then you run to second, if the 1st baseman overs throws, or under throws, the throw to second you can go to 3rd if they over throw 3rd you go home.

What movie and television projects has Manny Trillo been in?

Manny Trillo has: Played Himself - Oakland Athletics Pinch Runner in "1974 American League Championship Series" in 1974. Played Himself - NL Second Baseman in "1977 MLB All-Star Game" in 1977. Played Himself - Philadelphia Phillies Second Baseman in "1980 World Series" in 1980. Played Himself - Philadelphia Phillies Second Baseman in "1980 National League Championship Series" in 1980. Played Himself - NL Second Baseman in "1981 MLB All-Star Game" in 1981. Played Himself - NL Second Baseman in "1982 MLB All-Star Game" in 1982. Played Himself - AL Second Baseman in "1983 MLB All-Star Game" in 1983. Played himself in "Centennial: Over 100 Years of Philadelphia Phillies Baseball" in 1986.

Who hit a home run on May 5 1989 for the philadelphia phillies?

Juan Samuel leading off the game. It was the only home run of the game ... a Phillies 7-0 win over the Cincinnati Reds.

Does the run score when the third out is made at second or third base in baseball?

If the third out is a force play of any kind, then no runs score. EXAMPLE: runners on first and third. Batter lays down a perfect bunt towards third base. Man on third comes home, man on first slips while running to second. Runner on third touches home well before third baseman fires the ball to second in time to make a force out. No runs scored. If a runner touches home plate before a TAG OUT, however, the run scores, even if that tag out was the third out. EXAMPLE: Same situation, but this time the runner going to second base gets there before there is a force play BUT over-runs second base and is tagged out. Inning is over but the run scores.

Which team in the mlb was the last to win at home in the world sierees?

The Yankees last year... Game 6 over the Phillies

If a batted ball hits fair and bounces over the foul line between home plate and 1st base and the 1st baseman catches the ball in foul territory before it hits the ground is it fair or foul?

If a batted ball lands in fair territory but then crosses the foul line BEFORE passing or touching first or third base, then it is a FOUL ball. If a batted ball lands in fair territory between first and third base, bounces in the air, and crosses into foul territory before passing first or third base, it is a foul ball, even if caught on the bounce in foul territory by the first or third baseman.

Who hit the most home runs in Phillies history?

It was Michael Jack Schmidt with 548 home runs over his career. Del Ennis is a distant second with 259.

Has there ever been a left handed second baseman?

We have to confine our answer to the major league level. Yes, in the majors, there have been left-handers who played second base, shortstop and third base. Wee Willie Keelar, a Hall of Famer, played second base, third and shortstop 71 times over his 19-year career from 1892 through 1910. Hal Chase, normally a first baseman, played 36 games at second base between 1905 and 1916. Bill Hulen of the 1896 Phillies played 73 games at shortstop and two at second base in his only season with the club. First baseman Don Mattingly of the Yankees played one game at second base in 1983 and three games at third base in J, 986 despite being left-handed.

Can a runner knock over the first baseman on his way to first?

only if he is in your baseline

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