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Q: Is over a third in netball a free pass?
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What happens in netball when a ball goes over a third?

it is other a thirs and there will be a free pass to the other team.

What is it called when the ball is thrown over a third in netball?

'Over a Third' is what is netball, when the ball is thrown over a third and untouched by a player, the umpire should blow his or hers whistle and say 'over a third free pass......(the teams club name e.g manly or south side).' if the umpire doesn't and is meant to the game is just a 'play on'.

Can you score in netball from a free pass?


If netball center pass is not caught in center third is the free pass taken from where it was wrongly caught or from a point in center third?

if the centre pass is not received in the centre pass then opposition get to take a free pass from where the attaking players wrongly caught the ball

How is a free pass taken in netball?

A free pass is taken were the penalty occured.

When would you get a free pass in netball?

You could get a free pass in netball if someone steps, replays the ball, goes offside, the ball is thrown over a third etc. A penalty pass is given if a player contacts or obstructs an opposing player down the court. However if this happens in your goal circle you will be awarded a penalty pass or shot where you can choose to either pass the ball or take a shot

Where does center pass to in netball?

anywhere in the centre third.

In netball where must the center pass by received?

In the middle third.

When is a free pass awarded in netball?

a free pass is awarded if you move when holding the ball or do the wrong footwork

Two reasons for awarding a free pass in netball?

Some reasons for a free pass include:SteppingOffsideReplay ball

What is the the meaning of the term overthird in netball?

Say the C has no where to pass to they then pass either in the attacking or defending third. u r not allowed to do dat in netball a C pass has to be taken in the main third when starting off fresh..

What is shoulder pass in netball?

A shoulder pass in netball is when you hold the ball in one hand over your shoulder and throw the ball high up in the air but far at the same time so you can throw the ball over a player with out throwing the ball over a third. It is the best pass if you want to pass the ball far. :) Hope i helped :D

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