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If a batted ball lands in fair territory but then crosses the foul line BEFORE passing or touching first or third base, then it is a FOUL ball.

If a batted ball lands in fair territory between first and third base, bounces in the air, and crosses into foul territory before passing first or third base, it is a foul ball, even if caught on the bounce in foul territory by the first or third baseman.

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Q: If a batted ball hits fair and bounces over the foul line between home plate and 1st base and the 1st baseman catches the ball in foul territory before it hits the ground is it fair or foul?
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If a ball is hit over third base and the third baseman reaches across the line and catches the ball is the batter out?

If the ball never touches the ground before the 3rd baseman catches the ball the batter is out.

What does a first baseman do in baseball?

catches the baseball that's thrown to first base

If the ball bounces off the ground in Canadian football and someone catches it is it a reception?

No. It's the same as American football.

What is a foul out?

When the batter hits the ball into foul territory, and an opposing player catches it in foul territory on the fly.

If a batter hits a ball in the air and it drops inside line before it reaches first base and is caught on the hop in foul territory is this fair or foul ball?

The ball is fair.If it bounces fair and the player catches it then steps in foul territory,it's fair because he touched the baseball before it went foul.

What is a put out in baseball?

A putout in baseball is the person who has the ball when the out is made. example: on a strike out the putout goes to the catcher on a ground out to the 1st baseman the 1st baseman gets the putout on a flyout the one who catches the ball gets the putout

If a player is the dead ball area and reaches into foul territory and catches the foul ball is the batter out?

A batter is out anytime a fielder catches a foul fly ball.

What does the catcher do in a baseball game?

He does a variety of things during a game. He calls and catches the pitches, throws out baserunners, blocks the plate from a run scoring situation or a wild pitch, backs up the 1st baseman , catches foul balls and makes plays in the infield.

If a line drive ball off the bat hits the runner on third base and flies in the air is the batter out when the third baseman catches the fly ball?

No. Once a batted ball strikes a baserunner the ruling is a dead ball. In this instance, if the runner is in fair territory, they player struck by the ball is out, and the batter is credited with a single --- if the runner is in foul territory and struck this is a foul ball. Same would apply with hitting the batting coach

What does a firstbaseman do in baseball?

Well, a first baseman plays on the right side of the infield, on groundballs the 2nd baseman shortstop and thirdbaseman all throw the ball across the infield and if the first baseman catches the ball before the hitter touches first it is an out. On a basehit to the outfield if there is a play at home the first baseman will act as a cutoff man to homeplate to the center and right fielders. Here are a few great first basemens currently playing- Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder and Mark Teixeria.

If the ball bounce on the plate then in the air caught by catcher fair or foul?

It depends on where the ball is when the catcher catches it. The fact that the ball hit the plate does not matter one bit. It doesn't even matter where the catcher himself is when he catches it. If the ball is in or over fair territory it is fair, if the ball is in or over foul territory it is foul.

If a batter hit the ball and bounces off the home plate and the catcher catches it without touching the ground is it an out?

No, as soon as the batter is hit by the ball, the play is considered dead and the batter gets his base.

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