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If the third out is a force play of any kind, then no runs score.

EXAMPLE: runners on first and third. Batter lays down a perfect bunt towards third base. Man on third comes home, man on first slips while running to second. Runner on third touches home well before third baseman fires the ball to second in time to make a force out. No runs scored.

If a runner touches home plate before a TAG OUT, however, the run scores, even if that tag out was the third out.

EXAMPLE: Same situation, but this time the runner going to second base gets there before there is a force play BUT over-runs second base and is tagged out. Inning is over but the run scores.

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No, not if its a force out for the second out. only if its some some other type of 2 out play.

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Q: Can you score a run on a double play when the second out is the third of the inning?
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How would you score a hit into right field with men on first and second if the batter advances to third on the fielders throw to the plate?

___Doubles to right, ____ and ____ scored, _____ advanced to third on throw. It would be a double.

What does it mean when someone dies at second base for baseball?

Second base is considered scoring position because any solid single should score that run. So, when a runner is on second and the team gets it's third out, it is often called "stranding a runner" but occasionally for flair someone might say they died at second, meaning they didn't score and the inning is over.

How can a team score a point an an inning?

Any runner safely crossing home plate before the third out is made in an inning scores a run (or point).

Does the run count if while runners on second and third the runner on third crosses the plate while the third baseman tags the man coming from second to third for the third out on a ground ball?

The run will count if the runner on third crosses the plate before the runner on second gets taged out. All force place end the inning without any runs scoring, however, all tag plays end the inning at the time of the third out.

Runner on third tag runner second run score?

Please restate your question. Use sentences.

What is wrong with making the first or third out at third base?

You do not want to make the 1st out at third because had the runner stayed at second, he could score a run without the benefit of another hit. The next two batters could advance him any number of ways. You do not want to make the third out at third base as with two outs, there is rarely a benefit to being on third as oppossed to second, where one could score on an outfield single.

Can a run score if the third out is recorded on a double play because one of the runners fail to tag on a fly ball?


What does lob mean in baseball?

'LOB' is something you see in Baseball statistics or a box score and stands for Left On Base. LOB is the number of runners that were on base when the third out was made in the inning.

Do batters count as left on base?

No, only the people on first, second or third when the batter commits the final out of an inning. For example, if there was someone on first and third. The batter flied out to end the inning, he'd be charged with 2 LOB.

Is second base considered scoring position?

Yes. Second and third base are considered scoring position because a runner should be able to score on a single to the outfield.

In baseball what is the pattern the infield uses to the throw the baseball prior to starting the inning?

Second to Third to First to Pitcher

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