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Usually Baseball players depending on skills and how long the cantract is

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Q: Who gets paid more baseball players hocky players or football players?
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Who gets paid more baseball players or football players?


Who gets paid more a baseball football or a basketball player?

Usually baseball players.

Who gets paid more football or baseball?

Baseball players probably make more money because their contracts are guaranteed.

Who gets paid more football players or rugby players?

Rugby players because they get more recognition

Who gets paid more nhl or NFL players?

football players get paid more

Who gets more girls football players or musicians?

Football Players by far. Musicians are ugly. So r one legged guys ugh.

What sport gets the most injured players?

I personally think football

Who gets paid more a basketball player or football player?

Basketball players

Who gets paid more a football player or a basketball player?

basketball players

Who gets more money between an NFL football player or a Europe soccer player?

i think nfl football players

Who gets paid more football players or basketball players?

Basketball players. Avg. Nfl player 9.6m Avg. Nba players 13.6m

Which sports has ten players on each team?

Football.... If a guy gets red carded

How often does cheerleaders get tackled by football players?

occasionally a cheerleader gets the odd bash

Why do baseball players wear cups?

cause if someone gets hit in the gut it does not heart.

What do both soccer players and football players have in common?

They both enjoy getting hurt, and have to make sure the ball gets past or into the goal or line, so basically they both need to make sure the ball gets where they need it to be.

What is the total amount of players in a baseball game?

There is nine players on the field for each team. However there is more players for backup in case someone gets injured.

What does a runningback do?

Runs through the line of scrimmage (line of the players) or gets the football and runs outside the line of scrimmage.

What does a quarter back do in football?

he is in charge of running the offence on while on the field. the qb gets the ball to the other players

Who gets more injured football or rugby players?

Rugby based on the stats as they are protected by very little armour

How do baseball and football contrast?

'Baseball is what we were; football is what we have become' (Mary McGory). Both baseball and football are very popular American sports. Both sports can be played at any age. Both sports have a college league, a professional league called the NFL for football and the for baseball's is the MLB, and a league for kids. Baseball is called the all American sport. Many Americans enjoy watching both sports. Although football and baseball are two phenomenal sports, they also have many similarities and differences.The sports football and baseball are alike in many ways. Both sports have a playoff/tournament system for later in the season which involves the teams with the best records in their conference. The playoff system of football and baseball is set up as a bracket in which two teams play each other until there are two teams left. These two teams then play in the Championship game. Football's championship game is known as the Super Bowl and baseball's is known as the World Series. Lastly Both football and baseball are team sports. They both have several positions that the players are assigned to. Also both sports have a ball that gets thrown to other players. There are many similarities in football and baseball.Football and baseball also have many differences. They are played at different times of the year. Football is played in the fall and baseball is played in the spring. Also the amount of contact that is involved in both sports is different because pads are not used pads in baseball and in football there are pads. These pads change the amount of contact players have. Football has only eleven players allowed on the field at one time and baseball only allows nine. Also a football is kicked and thrown, while a baseball can only be thrown. Also Football and baseball both have rules that must be followed. In football there are referees and in baseball there are umpires. A referee travels all over the field, calling penalties, determining if the player ran or caught the ball out of bounds, and determining picked up the fumble. On the other hand a umpire stays in one spot of the ball diamond, watches where the ball goes, and if the player was tagged with the ball and the home plate. In football players only receive a penalty for not following the rules, while in baseball not following the rules results in an ejection from the game.These two phenomenal sports baseball and football have many similarities and differences. Football and baseball have many similarities such as what type of sports they are, the playoffs later in both seasons, type of field they are played on, and the age you can start to play these sports. But they also have many differences. For instance, how long each game is, the time of year that t hey are played in, and the amount of contact that is allowed. A season of football or baseball is a season to remember.

Where did the name arsenal football club come from?

Arsenal gets it name from the word arsenal, as the first players for Arsenal were soldiers and worked at the Arsenal, so it gets its name.

Do you change your fantasy football players every week?

Only if one of your starting players gets injured or is on a bye week. Then it is customary to replace that player with an active player from your bench

Who gets paid more basketball players or baseball players?

Baseball players by far. Look at Alex Rodriguez The answer above is totally wrong basketball players like shaq, kobe, lebron and garnett get payed more than jeter (the highest payed baseball player)

What happens to a baseball when it gets wet?

It gets, what baseball players call, "water-logged", and the threads become hard to stay tight. Sooner or later, the threads will be easy enough to pull out and the baseball will fall apart.

Do baseball players wear cups?

cause if someone gets hit in the gut it does not heart.