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i think nfl football players

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Q: Who gets more money between an NFL football player or a Europe soccer player?
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Was soccer originated in Europe?

Football/ Soccer was invented in England, which is part of Europe.

What is On Side in Soccer?

ON-SIDE in soccer or football is when a player from the attacking has one defender between him, the goalie and goal.

How is soccer in Europe played?

what is soccer, do you mean football. thats the probem.

What led to the start of the game of football?

Soccer in Europe which I love soccer pro at it.

What is the biggest spectator sport in Europe?

Football (soccer)

What is a panna in soccer?

A panna or nutmeg in football (soccer) is when a player dribbles the ball between the legs of a player from the opposing team.

What is the national sport of Serbia?

Most likely football (soccer), considering that it is Europe.

Is Pele a famous football player?

Yes, Pele is a famous football (soccer) player.

Is Michael basllack a German soccer player?

Michael BALLACK is a German football (or soccer) player.

What is futball?

Futball is another word for what is known as football in Europe, or soccer in the United States. Football is soccer in the USA etc, or AFL in Australia.

What is the popular sport in Europe?

Football, i.e. soccer. Football has the most participants and is the most watched.

Is Frank Lampard a football player?

Yes, he is a soccer/football player. He plays in Chelsea FC.