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slowpitch softball

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Football.... If a guy gets red carded

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Q: Which sport has ten players on each team?
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What is the minimum number of lacrosse players on the field?

ten on each team including goalie

How many players are on a basketball team on the floor?

Each team has five players on the court at one time. This means that there is always a total of ten players on the court.

What sport has ten players on both teams?

dunno. football has 11. unless i get sent off. so i will say football in my team has 10 players who play football

How many players are there in basketball?

up to 5 players on each team can play at once

Where patintero came from?

Patintero originated in the Philippines. It is a variation of the game tag with ten players in two teams. Each team has five players.

How many players would you find on a court during a regular game?

In basketball, ten (five from each team.)

During a basketball game how many people on a court?

In a typical NBA regulation game the number of players allowed is five (5) per team, for a total of ten (10) players. You can substitute but there will always be five on each team. In addition to players, there are three referees for a total of 13.

How many players would you find on a court during a regular basketball game?

During a regular game of basketball, you will find ten players on the basketball court at one time (five per team).

Does a netball team have ten players?

No a netball team has 7 players but you can have reserves which could make up 8 - 9 - 10 or more players

What is the minimal amount of players needed to play basketball?

At least five players have to be on a basketball team for the whole team to play the game.

How many people play futsal?

There are ten players allowed on the court, five from each team. One of those five (two of the ten) are goalkeepers. There may be fewer at any given time due to roster shortages, red or yellow cards, of a player tending to an injury or equipment failure.

What is ten P in a L T?

10 Players in a Lacrosse Team