Which sports not played in the Olympics?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: Which sports not played in the Olympics?
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How many sports were play in 2004 Olympics?

There were 33 sports played during 2004 olympics.

How much Olympic sports are played in the Olympics?

36 sports

When and where are sports played in Mali?

Where? of course in Olympics.

What are 10 sports played at the olympics?

There is a lot more than 10 sports played at the Olympics, in fact, there are about 380 sports in the summer and winter Olympics combined.

What are 2 sports in the Olympics that are not played anymore?

all of them

How many sports have been played in the Olympics?


What sports are played now but not when the Olympics began?


How many sports will be played at the 2012 Olympics?


How many sports were played in the 1948 Olympics?


What sports were played at the first Olympics?

o duno

Which three sports did the Greeks invent first for the Olympics?

They played standard sports.

How many times have to US teams played each other in the Olympics?

there are 28 sports in the olympics