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Q: What sports are played now but not when the Olympics began?
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What do you think have been the biggest changes to the olympics?

Probably the sports, there are a lot of different sports now

Which game is not associated with Olympics?

Quite a few games are not associated withe the Olympics and many that once were not associated are now associated, such as tennis. Australian Rules Football is not associated with the Olympics although an exhibition match was once played. Generally speaking, games which are particular to a country (such as A.F.L. or octupus baiting in the South Pacific) are not usually played at the Olympics. The Olympics usually consists of those games and sports that are more universally played.

Why do the winter Olympic games happen?

The Olympics are modeled after the ancient Greek Olympics which were a competition between Greek city-states. The Winter Olympics happen now to have snow and ice sports in the Olympics.

Why were sports played during the renaissance?

A lot of the Renassance Festival was sports. Most of the sports they played then we still play now.

Do the Olympics encourage equality in the world?

Women were first allowed in the track and field and that was the only sport they were allowed to do but now they can compete in all sports that are in the olympics.

How many sports is Spain taking part in for Olympics?

loads okay now go away

Sports should be played for sports and not for Money?

nah it should be played for money its a job but not the wages footballers are on now

How many games will be played in the Olympics?

The current Olympics involve 380 to 400 separate competitions in 33* sports and 53 disciplines within those sports.*There are 7 different sports, 15 disciplines, and 86 competitions scheduled for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.*There are 26 different sports and 38 disciplines, a total of just over 300 competitions now scheduled for the 2012 Summer Olympics in Vancouver. This was reduced from 28 games with the elimination of baseball and softball. In Rio de Janiero in 2016, the number of sports will return to 28 with the reinstatement of rugby and golf.

How will sports be played in the Future?

Probably the same as they are now.

Where were sports played in the 1500s?

they had different sports then we have now but some sports are the same

Which sports are being played right now in Guatemala?


What sports do Chinese play in the Olympics?

yeah coarce y not dont b u no wat now

When did ping pong become a sport in the Summer Olympics?

Ping pong or table tennis became a sport in the Summer Olympics in 1988 and included many different event categories. Since it's introduction four other sports that started as a game are now sports.

What is the point of Olympics?

Originally it was to see who was the best amateur sports person. Now it is to see which political system is superior to what other political system while convincing every non professional sports person that drugs are the way to exell.Well my mom told me that the point of the Olympics is the spirit of sports or something like that...ya

Information on the Olympics?

The Olympic Games have been around since the 700s B.C. They were originally considered to be religious, but are now just about the sports and athletes.

Which Olympics sports are for men only?

that used to be golf. But now Women can play (Gentlemen.Only.Ladies.Forbidden At the 2008 Games, only two ... baseball and boxing

What are the same about the ancient and modern Olympics?

Women are now allowed to compete and there is a Marathon and there is winter Olympics and many more sports and no going naked. Ancient Olympic and Modern Olympic has a lots of events.

How did the ancient olympic games stop?

The ancient Olympics stopped because there are now more people that are modern than ancient and people will get fed up having to watch old sports and the Olympics will lose their career

How many Olympics has Juan Martin played in?

well 568884 well now cheat kids

What was the reason for volleyball?

Volleyball was earlier played on beaches. as people started liking this game it was included in olympics. and now it is played in many countries.

What sports did women play in 1920?

Women did not play lots of sports in 1920 like they do now in 2014. Some of the sports women played were tennis, croquet, and some golf.

Where does sport come from?

Sports came from Greece and it is now played by people worldwide everyday.

Sports in Yemen?

I'm doing research on that right now in school and so far I have found they are really into "football" aka soccer. They also have been to the Olympics in swimming and other sports. Hope this gives you some help.

Who is the defender who played for west ham and fulham and now works for sky sports?

Tony Gale

Where do the Olympics take place?

in Londonthe Olympics are a giant sports event in which all the countries compete. it has many sports. and now in 2008 the Olympics are hosted by the Chinese in Beijing china the next in 2012 will be hosted in London united kingdomThe Olympic games are held every four years and are held in different locations each time. The locations are decided by the Intenational Olympic Committee.In olympia.