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all of them

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Q: What are 2 sports in the Olympics that are not played anymore?
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How many sports will be played in the Olympics?

well, there will be approx. 2 sports in the 2012 olympics. there will be gymnastics, and the sport that involves running or something. hope this helped!

How are sports for the Olympics determined?

because some sports are team sports and the olympics are when you have 1 or 2 winners

Which Sport was played in Olympics 2012 after it was last played in 1924?

There were none of the 26 Sports not played in 2008 and there were 2 Softball and Baseball played in 2008 and not in 2012

What sporting event was re-introduced from the 1924 Olympics to the 2012 olympics?

There were none of the 26 Sports not played in 2008 and there were 2 Softball and Baseball played in 2008 and not in 2012. You might mean an event , but definitely it was not a sport or even a discipline

How many sports will Australia be competing in in the Olympics?


What were the 2 sports introduced at the sydney Olympics?

Taekwondo and triathlon

Which 2 winter sports made their debut at the summer Olympics?

Figure skating (1908) and ice hockey (1920).

What events will be played by Japan in the London 2012 Olympics?

In the 2012 Olympics in London, Japan will competing in a variety of sports. Some of these are; Running. Acrobatics, 2 on 2 Dive and Splash Comp, Weights (all varieties). There are many more, although not all events in the London 2012 Olympics will be competed by Japan. Thanks for reading ... here is a website about the 2012 London Olympics that may answer any other questions and solve your problems; www.londonolympics-japan:2012events/./ Thanks :)

What are two ways the ancient Olympics compare from the modern?

1. there are more sports in the moern games 2. instea of medals reaths were wore round the necks of the winners in the ancient olympics

How many people have played 2 sports?


What are 2 sports fro italy?

depends how you look at it but there national game is football and they are also active within Olympics, but since the Roman era they are very aware of old sports too.

When are certain sports played in the us?

Well, there are alot of sports played in the us.My personal fav. is football which is played in the fall.Basketball is played in the spring and baseball is played in the middlr of the 2.I don't know alot but I jope that helps!!

What kinds of sports were played and or developed during World War 2 and how?

in ww2 tyhe sports were the same but played by women because all the men were at war.

Most professional sports played by 1 athlete?


How many day out of the year are sports played?

Mostly 2

What 2 sports are played on ice in Canada?

Hockey, Curling.

How did the world of sports change after world war 2?

1 thing is that women played sports with shorter clothes.

Why did sports still play during world war 2?

because they werent affected were they were playing weither or not the were like the olympics oplayed juring the world war 2

What type of sports are played in Switzerland?

Different sports are played in different areas, because of the range of climate in Switzerland. In the colder, mountainous regions, they will do Winter Sports such as skiing and snowboarding (this is why so many Swiss athletes excel at the Winter Olympics) but they play football in the warmer regions. A lot of the football players, such as their star-man Xherdan Shaqiri, who currently plays for Bayern Munich, will participate in Germany, in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. Another popular sport is Ice Hockey.

Was the song you can never go home anymore played in Austin powers 2?


What is Australia's 2 most played sports?

Hockey & Cricket

The 2 most prominent sports played in Bangkok?

no one cares

What are the sports played in Dominican Republic?

Baseball, and soccer are the biggest 2.

What year were the modern day Olympics held?

Your question is very vague. . There are two Olympics - Summer sports and Winter sports. The games for these are held 4 years apart but the Winter games comes 2 years after the Summer Games. The last winter Olympics was in 2010, held in Vancouver Canada. The last summer Olympics was in 2008, held in Beijing China. We are currently holding the 2012 summer Olympics in London England. We will hold the next 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Has romania won any gold medals in the 2012 Olympics yet?

Only 2 gold medals (sports activity is in a constant decline in Romania).