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there are 28 sports in the Olympics

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Q: How many times have to US teams played each other in the Olympics?
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What year was curling entered into the Olympics as an official sport?

Curling became on official Olympics sport in 1998 (Nagano). Curling appeared in the Olympics a few times before that: as an official sport in 1924 (although only 3 teams played), and as a demonstration sport a handful of times in between.

Which NHL teams have played the most games against each other?

rivals any teams rivals play them 10 times a year

How many Olympics did mia hamm play in?

She has played in the Olympics 4 times.

How many times has Barcelona and Manchester united played against each other?

Barcelona and Manchester United have played against each other eleven times total. Both teams have been fairly equally matched.

Have two college basketball teams ever played each other four times in a single season?

St. John's and Georgetown played 4 times in the 1984-85 season.

Five basketball teams are playing in a tournament The teams will play each other only one time how many games will be played by the end of the tournament?

10 times

How many times has Kobe played in the Olympics?


How many times have Dundee United played Barcelona?

The teams have played each other in four competitive games. Dundee United have won all four.

When did Houston oilers play the buffalo?

The two teams have played each other 43 times entering 2012. They were division opponents 1960-69 and thus played a total of 20 times in that period.

What college teams have played each other the most times in history?

Lehigh University and Lafayette College, both in eastern Pennsylvania.

What type of sports are played in Honduras?

The most common sport played in Honduras is football (American Football). Honduras has taken place in the Summer Olympics eight times and they participated in the Winter Olympics in 1992. Other popular sports are tennis and baseball.

How many times has Stephanie Rice been to the Olympics?

Stephanie Rice's first time in the Olympics was in 2008, but she went in other competitions other than the Olympics.

How many times has Kobe Bryant played in the Olympics?


What club has met Manchester United the most number of times?

In the premier league, Manchester United has met Arsenal the most number of times. These two teams have played against each other 189 times.

What 2 MLB teams have played against each other the most times in baseball history?

Your mom and my mom

How many times a year are the summer Olympics played?

Once every 4 years, the next summer Olympics are London 2012

Have the New York Giants ever played the New York Jets in the regular season?

Yes every four years. The two teams have played each other eleven times since 1970.

When is Yabusame played?

Their is no specific time when it is played. As it is a sport originating from Japan, it is played at centers around Japan with no specific times (like the Olympics).

How many times teams meet each other in nba regular season?

3 times

How many times do NFL teams play each other in a regular season?

There are sixteen games in the NFL season. Teams face their divisional opponents twice during the regular season. The other eight weeks of the season, teams will play teams in other divisions and conferences.

How many times has Alexander ovechkin played in the Olympics?

Alexander Ovechkin played in 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

What nfl teams have played each other the most in super bowls?

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys played against each other three times. The Steelers won Super Bowls X and XIII; the Cowboys won Super Bowl XXX.

Ohio State record against Penn State?

Teams have played each other 25 times. Ohio State 13 wins, Penn State 12 wins.

How many times have South Carolina and southern cal played football against each other?

Twice (1980 and 1983 regular season) with both teams winning once.

What two nfl teams have played against each other the most?

The Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears have played 180 times. The Bears hold a 91-82-6 lead in the series, which includes one playoff game.