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NO "part" you use a bat ...

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Q: Which part of your body part you do not hit the ball with?
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Can you use legs in volleyball?

The parts you can use are your fist, your foot, your fore arm and your shoulder. not sure if you can use any part of your body. according to new regulations you can hit the ball using any part of the body expect the double hit double hit-contacting a ball twice in a single pass

Does hit the ball in speaking with idioms or slang make sense?

Not as slang or idioms, no. It just means to strike a ball, either with a bat, a stick, a racquet, or some part of your body.

What is another part of your body besides arms and hands for volleyball?

I dont suggest using any other part of your body , but you can . You can use anything above the waist to hit a ball , but the problem is control . Are you able to control the ball from where you hit it ? this is why if a ball hits your arms and then hits you in the face you lose the point because it a double hit , as you are allowed to use your head in volleyball .

What part of the mallet do you hit the ball with?

The head

What is a fielding error?

if a ball is hit to the any fielder and it hits any part of his body and he misses. if aresult of that is the base runner is safe. that is a error

Can the volleyn ball player shoot the ball with his leg?

It's legal for the ball to hit anywhere on your body as long as you don't hit it twice or carry or lift it

Where is the right place to hit a head bump in soccer?

you use your forehead to hit the ball pulling yourself through the ball with your body

A gulf is part of a larger body of what?


Is a gulf part of a larger body of what?


If a base runner is hit by the ball is it a dead ball?

No. Runner is part of the field, therefor the ball is in play and the runner is out.

Why do you hit the golf ball fat?

You may hit the ball fat if you have gained a bit of weight as the shaft might get caught by your body when swinging

What part of the ball do you hit to hit an inside out forehand?

hi, i am an experience tennis player, and you have to hit the inside of the tennis ball. this way, you can get the spin that will make the ball spin outwrds. i hope this was helpful. rebecca