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The Nascar Driver That Gave His Owner His 200th Win Was Jimmie Johnson At Darlington.

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Q: Which nascar driver gave owner rick hendrick his 200th win this year?
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Which driver gave NASCAR owner Rick Hendrick his 200th win?

On May 12, 2012, Jimmie Johnson won the Bojangles' Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway, giving owner Rick Hendrick his 200th Cup Series win.

Is Nascar team owner Rick Hendrick related to a girl named Alicia Hendrick?

No, he is not.

Who is the owner of NASCAR number 24?

Rick Hendrick

What owner has won the most titles in NASCAR?

Rick Hendrick

What is Rick Hendrick famous for?

Rick Hendrick was most famous for being the owner of the American NASCAR team "Hendrick Motorsports." You can find out more information about Rick Hendrick online at the Wikipedia.

Who gets the Nascar sponsor the driver or the car's owner?

the owner but the driver is who endorses that company

Who owns Jeff Gordon's car?

Rick Hendrick, the owner of Hendrick Motorsports, owns Jeff Gordon's Nascar race car.

What Nascar team owner won four consecutive Winston Cup Championships from 1995-1998?

Rick Hendrick

Who has the most wins as a NASCAR owner?

Rick Hendrick who owns Hendrick Motorsports. Richard Petty has the most wins as an owner with 268, followed by Hendrick. Petty has the most CUP wins. Roush has the most combined NASCAR wins in the 3 national series, 4th all time in Cup wins with 127 but with 126 Nationwide series wins and 50 Truck series wins for a total of 303 total NASCAR wins.

Which car owner has the most Nascar Cup Series championships?

Hendrick Motorsports with (10) Cup championships.

Did Junior Johnson win a NASCAR title?

Not as a driver. Junior Johnson did win Nascar championships as a car owner.

How many drivers are on a NASCAR team?

A Nascar owner can have a maximum of four teams. Each team has one driver.

What car owner did Kyle Busch start to drive for in 2004?

In 2004, Kyle Busch drove for Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports. He drove full-time in the Nascar Nationwide Series, while also starting six races in the Cup Series that season.

Do Nascar drivers have to pay their own fines or does the owner or sponsors pay?

When a fine is given out, it is directly to the driver or owner. And by NASCAR rules whoever the fine is to must pay the fine.

What owner did Jeff Gordon run his first two seasons for?

In the NASCAR Sprint cup series, Jeff Gordon has raced for Hendrick Motorsports his whole life.

Can a convicted felon be a car owner in Nascar?

Yes. Rick Hendrick pled guilty to mail fraud in 1997. He was later pardoned by President Bill Clinton.

Who is the highest paid NASCAR driver?

A NASCAR driver is paid by his or her team owner, as a salary or whatever deal they agree to. Earnings are entirely different, as they includes a driver's winnings, appearances, product endorsements, souvenir sales and possible sponsor payments. I think the highest paid NASCAR driver today is Jeff Gordon.

Can a female be a NASCAR racer?

Yes, they can. Just like a male driver, they just have to have the talent and be able to find an owner and acquire a sponsor. If a female driver is that good, she will be able to stay in the Nascar ranks.

Does a nascar owner get percentage of drivers winnings?

Yes, but the amount the owner gets depends on the driver and the race - because all NASCAR teams are owned by different people, there's no standard deal for any of them.

How tall is Michael Waltrip the Nascar driver-owner?

Michael Waltrip is 6' 5" tall.

How much does a NASCAR driver get paid?

Driver salaries are secret and is between them and the car owner. Drivers also get money for endorsement's. I don't know if the owner gets any of that money or not. Sponsors pay an average of twenty million dollars to put their name on a car. This goes to the owner to run the team. Don't forget that Nascar fans are very brand loyal, and Nascar, owners and drivers get a piece of total endorsement sales. This explains why a Nascar sweatshirt can cost 65 dollars.

Who is the best NASCAR racing team in NASCAR history?

Hendrick Motorsports has won 10 Cups, 4 by Jeff Gordon (1995,1997,1998, 2001) 1 by Terry Labonte in 1996 (Terry won his other Cup in 1984 with Billy Hagan's racing team), and 5 by Jimmie Johnson (2006, 2007,2008,2009,2010). (No opinions, please. Just facts) *2011 Cup Champion Tony Stewart, though owner/driver for Stewart-Haas Racing, used Hendrick Motorsports Engines in every race of the 2011 season!

How many members are on a NASCAR race team?

NASCAR race teams consist of hundreds of people. Some of the most recognizable members of a race team are the owner, driver, manager, crew chief, pit crew, and truck driver.

Who is the car owner for Nascar driver Juan Pablo Montoya?

Nascar driver Juan Pablo Montoya drives for Earnhardt Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates. The race team is owned by Teresa Earnhardt, Chip Ganassi and Felix Sabates.

Does Jeff Gordon own Jimmie Johnson's Nascar Sprint Cup car?

Yes, Jeff Gordon is the listed owner of Jimmie Johnson's car. However, Rick Hendrick has a stake in the ownership as well.