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Yes, they can. Just like a male driver, they just have to have the talent and be able to find an owner and acquire a sponsor. If a female driver is that good, she will be able to stay in the Nascar ranks.

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Q: Can a female be a NASCAR racer?
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Do you have to go to college to be a NASCAR racer?


How many years to become aprofessional Nascar Racer?

You do not need formal education to become a NASCAR racer. You need to make connections with others at NASCAR and acquire business sponsorships to become a NASCAR driver.

How much money does a street racer make each race?

are you talking about a nascar racer or a street racer? if you're talking about a nascar racer then you could be paid millions depending on how well you do.if you're talking about a street racer it depends on how much you are betting or pinkslipping

Which NASCAR racer is from Nazareth PA?

John Andretti

Will the cars in the movie speed racer be in future nascar?

Only if Speed Racer sponsors a race.

Who is macy waltrip?

The daughter of NASCAR racer Michael Waltrip.

Which NASCAR racer has the most wins?

Richard Petty with 200 wins !!

How can you become a NASCAR racer?

you got to go to Richard petty school

Which Nascar racer does back flips when he wins a race?

Carl Edwards

Who was the first African American NASCAR racer?

Wendell Scott, in the 60's.

Who is Larry Shankle?

Larry Shankle is a nascar racer get ya facts straight. :)

What is Dale Earnhardts son Kerry doing now?

he still works at NASCAR, but not as a racer

Which Nascar racer drives the number 18 in the Cup Series?

Kyle Busch drives the #18 car in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series.

Who was the last NASCAR racer to win in 2010?

Clint Bowyer won the last Nascar race on October 31, 2010 at Talladega Superspeedway.

How many female drivers are there in NASCAR?

There are not many female drivers in Nascar right now. The most famous woman in Nascar is currently Danica Patrick. She started racing in 2005 for Nascar.

Who makes more money a nascar racer or a soccer player?

A NASCAR driver makes more money than a soccer player. NASCAR drivers also make a lot of money from sponsors.

How much does NASCAR racer make?

Each NASCAR driver makes a different amount per race depending on sponsors and their finish. On average, a top NASCAR driver can make up to 750,000 per race.

Has there ever been a female Nascar racer?

Yes, there has. Several female racers have driven part time in the Cup, Nationwide and/or Truck Series over the years. They include Louise Smith, Janet Guthrie, Shawna Robinson, Chrissy Wallace and Danica Patrick.

What professional sport has the most female fans?

As of 2014, the professional sport that has the most female fans is NASCAR. NASCAR is a stock car racing series.

Where do NASCAR racer go to the bathroom?

NASCAR drivers actually wear diapers in case they have to urinate!! If the driver can not wait till after the race they may go in adult size diapers or "depends".

What is Kyle Busch's net worth?

The NASCAR racer Kyle Busch has a net worth estimated at $40 million dollars.

Has NASCAR had an increase in drivers?

well... NASCAR had about 6 new drivers but two went back to formula 1. so yes but barely. next year one new racer is expected

Who is a female sports announcer?

Krista Voda announces for NASCAR:)

How much gas is used in a 500 mile Nascar race?

The average NASCAR racer gets about 4.5 miles per gallon of fuel. Divide the distance in miles by 4.5, multiply by the number of cars.

Who was the most popular NASCAR racer in 2005?

Dale Earnhardt, Jr won NASCAR's Most Popular Driver Award in 2005. He also won it in 2003 and 2004, as well as 2006 through 2009.