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Yes. Rick Hendrick pled guilty to mail fraud in 1997. He was later pardoned by President Bill Clinton.

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Q: Can a convicted felon be a car owner in Nascar?
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Who gets the Nascar sponsor the driver or the car's owner?

the owner but the driver is who endorses that company

Can a convicted felon ride in a car with someone who has a registered gun n license?

Yes, but the firearm may not be present in the vehicle in any manner in which it may be accessible to the convicted felon.. in such an instance, it's best to err on the side of caution, and not have a firearm in that vehicle period while the convicted felon is in that vehicle.

Which nfl football coach was the first to be an owner of a nascar car?

Joe Gibbs

Can a convicted felon become a car salesman?

Yes. This is by far the best question I've read on

Who was the car owner when Kurt Busch won the Nascar Cup Series championship?

Jack Roush

Can you paint your team car in the Nascar 2005 Chase for the Cup game?

Yes, in owner mode

Can a felon in Indiana be in a car with a firearm?

Under federal law - applicable to every state and territory of the US - a convicted felon may not purchase, possess, or have access to firearms, period. So the answer is no.

Can a convicted felon be in a car with a firearm in California?

It is against Federal Law for any Felon to be near or around firearms of any type unless being transported by a member of a registered law enforcement agency.

Can you search a convicted felon's car when he is stopped for illegally parking?

As a civilian, no. As a law enforcement officer, you must be able to establish reasonable cause.

What is the history of 14 in NASCAR?

Raymond Parks was the owner of the first #14 car...driven by Fonty Flock. (1949)

What is the statute of limitation on felony gun charges- pulled over- a gun found in car?

If you are a convicted felon and were found with a gun in your car there is no statute of limitations on this offense. This offense will apply to you for the remainder of your life.

Can a passenger in a car accident file a lawsuit against you as the owner of the car?

Anyone can file a law suit but it depends on the judge and the jury whether or not you get convicted