Which is bigger champions league or confederations cup?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Champions league, of course.

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Q: Which is bigger champions league or confederations cup?
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Who were the past champions of soccer?

In Champions League Roma finale Barcelona 2- 0 Manchester United. In the Confederations cup Brazil beat everybody except egypt.

Who is the only premier league player who has played in the champions league world cup fa cup league cup uefa cup?

Michael ballack, Nicolas anelka, World cup with France, champions league with Chelsea, Liverpool, real Madrid and fenebache, fa cup with Chelsea, Liverpool or Bolton, league cup the same, uefa cup with Bolton, Paris saint germain or fenebache. he has also played in the confederations cup the intertoto cup and the charity shield.

Who is The most decorated football player in world cup and club side?

as any footballer ever won the world cup,european championships/copa america,confederations cup,a league title,champions league,uefa cup fa cup or the countries equivlent super cup annd world club championship

Who is the only player to score in the champions league uefa cup fa cup league cup finals?

Steven Gerrard. Champions League - 2005, UEFA Cup - 2001, FA Cup - 2006 and League Cup - 2003.

Which is more prestige the euro cup or the champions league cup?

The Champions League original name was the Europeon Cup so they're the same thing.

What was the year of the first champions league?

The first year of the Champions League was in 1992. But if you are referring to the first year of the Champions League as in first year of European cup it was in 1955.

What cup from now on will be played between the winners of the Champions League and the Europa League?

The cup will called the UEFA Super Cup. It will be played between the winners od the Champions League and Europa League.

Which current players have won the fa cup premier league champions league and uefa cup?

Carvalho, Ferreria FA Cup: Chelsea Premier League: Chelsea Champions League: Porto Uefa Cup: Porto Kanu Premiership: Arsenal FA Cup - Arsenal UEFA - Inter Champions League - Ajax

Who has won the champions league the uefa cup the fa cup the premiership but not the league cup?


Can the f a cup winner go to the Uefa champions league?

NO, the Uefa champions league is from league position places in each country not for cup winners. FA Cup winners go into the Europa League

What is the champions league for?

The champions league is a European club football (soccer) competition organized by the UEFA. It was formerly known as the European Champions Clubs' Cup and the European Cup.

What is the champions league song called?

celtic fc champions cup