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NO, the Uefa champions league is from league position places in each country not for cup winners. FA Cup winners go into the Europa League

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Q: Can the f a cup winner go to the Uefa champions league?
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How does a team qualify for the UEFA Champions League?

It is determined by the teams strength in the Champions League. The stronger the league, the more teams that can qualify from it. The winner of the UEFA cup from the previous year gets an automatic qualification.

Who is the only player to score in the champions league uefa cup fa cup league cup finals?

Steven Gerrard. Champions League - 2005, UEFA Cup - 2001, FA Cup - 2006 and League Cup - 2003.

Which current players have won the fa cup premier league champions league and uefa cup?

Carvalho, Ferreria FA Cup: Chelsea Premier League: Chelsea Champions League: Porto Uefa Cup: Porto Kanu Premiership: Arsenal FA Cup - Arsenal UEFA - Inter Champions League - Ajax

Who has won the champions league the uefa cup the fa cup the premiership but not the league cup?


Who is the only footballer to win a premier league medal an fa cup winners medal a league cup winners medal a champions league medal and uefa cup winner's medal?

Paulo Ferreira.

Who has won the premier league champions league FA cup and UEFA cup?

It is Manchester United.

What player has won the fa cup premiership uefa cup and champions league with 4 different teams?

Nwankwo Kanu - Ajax (Champions league), Inter (UEFA cup), Arsenal (Premier league) and Pourtsmouth (F.A. Cup)

Who has won the uefa cup world cup champions league premiership scottish league and FA cup?


What is difference between uefa cupand uefa champions league?

The UEFA Cup and the Champions League are associated with football in Europe. They are governed by the Union of European Football Associations. Well, Champions league is the most prestigious of the two football tournaments.

When did the European Cup become the Champions League?

The European Cup became known as the UEFA Champions League since the 1992-1993 season.

Player who has won champions league uefa cup premership fa cup?


Who has won the champions league uefa cup world cup and European championship?

It is Henry.

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