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The first year of the Champions League was in 1992. But if you are referring to the first year of the Champions League as in first year of European cup it was in 1955.

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The European Cup was changed to champions league in the year 1992.

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Q: What was the year of the first champions league?
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When did chelseawin the champions league?

Kinda hoping this year would be the first

When was UEFA Champions League created?

The champion league first started out in the year 1950, the rules have changed over the years, and Barcelona , is the only club to play in the champion league every year.

Which year did the English club first win the UEFA champions league?

Manchester United was the first English team to win the UEFA Champions League. They achieved this feat in the season 1967-68.

In which year did AC Milan win their first Champions League?

They first won it in the 1962/63 season.

What year did Chelsea get into the champions league?

Chelsea has always been into the champions league but they have never won it

Who was the first American to win the champions league?

No American has won the Champions League to my knowledge.

Who will win the champions league this year?


When was rangers football clubs first champions league?

Glasgow Rangers have never won the Champions League.

When did manutd won its first champions league?

They won the European cup in 1968 and the Champions league in 1999.

Which club win first champions league?

Real Madrid won the first ever Champions league in 1956. They defeated Stade de Reims 4-3 in the finals to lift the inaugural Champions league.

What year did chris waddle win the champions league?

Chris Waddle won the Champions League in 1992. He won it with Marseille.

How far did arsenal get last year in the champions league?

Arsenal did not get very far in last year;s Champions League. They were eliminated in the Group stage itself.