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The two teams to go undefeated an entire season are Arsenal and Preston.t

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Q: Which English football teams have gone a season undefeated?
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What English football teams have gone all season undefeated?

Arsenal that was in 2005

How many undefeated teams are there in the NFL teams so far this season?

There are no more undefeated teams left in the National Football League during the 2010-2011 season

Which English football teams have gone a season undefeated since the foundation of the Football League in 1888?

Um. i know that Arsenal have but im unsure about any others.

What football teams have gone all season undefeated?

Arsenal that was in 2005

How many ESPN fantasy football teams are currently undefeated?

22324 undefeated teams

What teams went undefeated at home in both ncaa basketball and football in a single season?


Which teams have the longest undefeated run in top flight English football?

In the e.P.L it is arsenal who holds the record for going one entire season without a defeat. It was in 2004.

How many NCAA football teams have gone undefeated all season?

There have been over 100 undefeated football teams in NCAA history. The most recent was the 2013 champion, Florida State (14-0).

What football teams went undefeated in college football in 1998?

The only football team which was undefeated in college football in the year of 1998 was the University of Tennessee.

What NFL teams have had an undefeated season?


How many loans can English football teams have in a season?


There are a number of NFL football teams that have not lost a game Who are they?

Presuming you mean so far this season, the remaining undefeated teams are the Saints, Vikings, Broncos and Colts (as of 10-21-09).

When was the last time two college football teams went undefeated in regular season but neither won the championship?

the last time was 2004-2005, both auburn and Utah went undefeated. USC won the championship.

How many English football league teams not lost a game all season?

There are only two teams in English Football league system to have gone an entire season unbeaten. Preston North End F.C won the inaugural season of Football League in 1888-89 season without losing a single game. Arsenal F.C is the only team in English Premier League to have gone an entire season unbeaten in 2003-04 season. Both teams earned nickname 'The Invincibles' for this feat.

Did any NHL teams go undefeated for an entire season?


Which two NFL teams were undeafeated last season?

No NFL teams went undefeated in 2009.

Did Any pro football teams go undefeated?

yes the 1972 dolphins went udefeated and won the superbowl that year for the perfect season with their qb bob greise

What NFL teams are undefeated in the 2009 season?

Currently, the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints are undefeated at 11-0.

What NFL season had the most undefeated teams by week 8?


Has there ever been 2 undefeated NFL teams in one season?


Are there any undefeated NFL teams for the 2010 season?

Chicago bears

What college basketball teams are undefeated so far this season?


What division 1 football teams were undefeated in 2008?

The only Division 1 team that went undefeated was Utah (13-0).

How many teams were undefeated entering week 9 in college football?


How many college football teams have won the national championship undefeated?