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Q: What NFL season had the most undefeated teams by week 8?
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What NFL teams have been undefeated by week 12?

In the 2009 season: the Colts and the Saints. First time in NFL history two teams have been 12-0 in the same season.

How many teams were undefeated entering week 9 in college football?


What teams are undefeated in the 2010 NFL?

Kansas City Chiefs are currently the only undefeated team as of week 4 at 3-0

What NFL teams have went undefeated from Week 1 to the Super Bowl?

The Miami Dolphins. The New England Patriots went undefeated until the superbowl.

What Colts vs Patriots was first 2 teams to face off as 7-0 true or false?

This is true. When the Patriots and colts squared off in week 9 of the 2007 season, it was the latest meeting of undefeated teams in the history of the NFL.

How many nfl teams take a by week in the regular season?

Every team has one bye week during the season.

What NFL team has the most regular season?

All NFL teams play sixteen games in a seventeen game regular season. Each team gets one "bye week," a free week off.

Which NFL team went undefeated in the regular season as of November 2007?

Miami Dolphins it was a shorter season though, only 16 weeks. 1 bye week so 15-0

What college football teams are undefeated in 2008?

Alabama, Texas Tech, Ball State, Utah, and Boise State as of week 12 Alabama, Texas Tech, Ball State, Utah, and Boise State as of week 12

How many weeks are in college football season?

16 weeks, including conference championships. Most teams will be finished by week 15. Teams typically play 12 regular season games, plus a conference championship game if applicable, and if chosen a bowl game.

What was the latest two winless NFL teams have met?

Your question is unclear. At the start of the season everyone is winless. In the second week lots of teams are winless.

What teams did the Pittsburgh Steelers lose to in the 2008 season?

Week #3 vs the Eagles, week #8 vs the Giants, week #10 vs the Colts and week#16 vs the Titans.

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