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the last time was 2004-2005, both auburn and Utah went undefeated. USC won the championship.

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Q: When was the last time two college football teams went undefeated in regular season but neither won the championship?
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In my discussion back in Sept, I provided several opinions as to who would make it, and only got 1 out of 8 right. So, I'll stick with Ohio State...even though I'll root for the gators. I assume the previous answer is about the 2006 season. So I will offer my thoughts on the upcoming 2007 season. USC is the clear favorite, having won the most 1st place votes, and the most points, in the USA Today Coaches Poll. However, USC is perennially over-rated. They will, however, likely finish the regular season undefeated (becaues they don't play anyone worth a darn), and go to the national championship game. But can they win it? LSU came in second in poll. Though as an LSU alumnus, I am obviously biased, I pick LSU to win the national championship. If they can remain at #2 for the entire season, they will be in the national championship game. Now, USC relies on its powerful offense, and I admit, it is impressive. But USC rarely plays teams with great defenses. Anyone that can win the SEC championship will have a great defense. One of the cardinal rules of football is that good defense beats good offense. At best, USC's offense will have an average day against LSU's defense. But LSU will have a great offense as well, and USC doesn't have the defense to stop them. Also, LSU will have home-field advantage, since the game will be played in New Orleans. LSU 38, USC 21. That's my prediction. But, the question is, can LSU make it to the national championship game? LSU plays in the SEC, by far the toughest conference in college football. There are 2 SEC teams in the top 5, 6 in the tops 20. LSU has to play 3 of them, including #3 Florida. It's almost impossible to finish an SEC season undefeated. Florida, the national champion last year, lost to Auburn. LSU, when it won its last national championship (2003 season), lost to Florida. The thing is, in the SEC, you have to be perfect every week, or you're going to lose. Even great teams can't be perfect every week. And to make matters worse, one of the non-conference games is against VA Tech, #9. Not only are they a good team, they will be playing with a lot of emotion due to the recent slayings on campus. But, if LSU can get past the Hokies (it's a home game for LSU, so that's good), then the rest of their tough games will also be at home (Florida, Auburn, Arkansas). But I worry about Bama. Bama had a good record last year, despite close losses to the three best teams in the SEC, two of which ended the season ranked in the top 3 nationally. And they have a good coach this year, former LSU coach Nick Saban. And LSU has to play them at Tuscaloosa. I can only pray that it takes a while for Saban and his players to "click". If anybody can get through the SEC undefeated this year, it's LSU. The thing is, if they make it that far, they still have to play the East Division champion, which will likely be Florida. And it is DAMNED HARD to beat a good team TWICE in a season. And the second time will be much closer to a home game for UF (in Atlanta). Still, my money's on LSU. Even with one loss in the regular season, as long as they can win the SEC championship, they should be in the national championship game. Unless someone besides USC goes undefeated. Which brings me to Texas. Their toughest game (against Oklahoma) will be in Austin. There's no one else on their schedule that can beat them, unless A&M pulls an upset in College Station - unlikely. So I think the Longhorns will coast into the national championship game if LSU loses a game. If this happens, it will likely be a replay of the 2006 national championship game (2005 season). It will be high-scoring, but close. Whoever wins, it will be a shame, because neither one of them could beat any of the top 4 teams in the SEC. My prediction in this case, USC 42, Texas 38. That's my opinion.

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