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Q: What teams went undefeated at home in both ncaa basketball and football in a single season?
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Which NFL team is undefeated in history?

For a single season the Miami Dolphins.

Which NFL team has the least single season losses?

1972 Miami Dolphins are the only team to make it through an entire season undefeated. The 2007 New England Patriots were undefeated during the regular season, but lost in the Super Bowl.

Who holds the single season block record in NCAA basketball?

Wojciech Mydra holds the single season record for blocks in NCAA history

Most assists in a single season in NCAA basketball?

Avery Johnson

What is the single season scoring record for college basketball?

Pete Maravich

What basketball player made the most fouls in a single season?


UNC basketball -- worst win-loss record in single season?

The UNC men's basketball team went 8-20 during the 2001-2002 season.

What team has won the most games in a single NCAA men's basketball season?

The Memphis Tigers hold the record for the most wins in a single season. In 2008, the Tigers went 38-2 for the season. I don't believe any other Division 1 mens basketball team has done that.

How many basketball courts can fit in a single football field?

A single NBA basketball court measures 94 feet long by 50 feet wide. A single NFL field measures 420 feet long (including the end zones) by 160 feet wide. Therefore it would be possible to fit 12 basketball courts onto a single football field. However, if you don't include the end zones, then it would be 9 basketball courts.

What player holds the single season college basketball scoring record?

Pete Maravich

What basketball player has the record for scoring the most points in a single season?

wilt chamberlin

What is the single season record for rushing yards in D-1A NCAA Football?

In 1988 Barry Sanders set the single season record in D-1A with 2,628 yards.

What is the record for most rushing attempts in a single season for NCAA Division I college football?

The most carries in a single season in Division I was 450 by Kevin Smith from UCF in 2007.

Who is the all time leading shot blocker in a single season NCAA men's basketball?

David robinsonI

What is the highest pay for a basketball player in the NBA in a single season?

$30,000,000.00 to Michael Jordan when he returned to the bulls in his first full season after retiring back in 1997

How many NCAA Division I men's basketball players have recorded multiple triple-doubles in a single season?


Who is the all time single season leading rusher college football history?

Ron Dayne

What does undefeated mean?

Undefeated means you've never lost a single battle before. Won so many victories and 0 losses!

Single season ncaa division 1 basketball wins?

1998-1999 Duke Blue Devils were 37-2

What college football team scored the most points in a single season in div 1A?

Oklahoma in 2008.

Who has the most receptions in single season in NCAA Division 1 football?

freddie barnes 155 if not wrong

Why is Michael Jordan the most famous basketball player?

he is the most famous and greatest basketball player in the world for gaining records for most points in a single season a triple double and most wins in 1 season that's 72 and has not been broken yet

Where did James Mandler play college basketball?

He played basketball for the University of Michigan from 1940 to 1943. He was the team's leading scorer for two consecutive years and set the school's single season scoring record with 230 points during the 1941-42 season.

Which team is the only undefeated team in super bowl history?

The Miami Dolphins are the only team undefeating in Super Bowl History. They didnt lose a single game in the season including the Super Bowl

Did anyone ever get 100 tackles and 20 sacks n a single season?

yes buddy boissiere of nmhu year 2000 season d2 football