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Montreal, 15

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โˆ™ 2010-01-29 08:43:07
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Q: Which CFL team had the most wins this season?
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What CFL team has the most Grey Cup wins?

Toronto Argos with 16.

What coach holds the record for the most wins in a season in the CFL?

I might be wrong in this question but i know 2 people who have the most wins in The CFL. One Is Wally Buono And Don Matthews. As I said i might be wrong but these are the names that came to my head.

What CFL team has participated in the most grey cups?

Winnipeg (21)

What is the total number of CFL games in a season?

every team plays 18 games each year

Can a CFL player on the practice squad go to the NFL in the same season?

Generally, yes. However, there are rules regarding players being under contract to only one team. If a CFL player has an opportunity to play in the NFL, he first gets released from his CFL duties. Then, he signs an NFL contract. Dominique Dorsey recently missed the first half of the 2009 CFL season while he was signed with the Washington Redskins. They released him just before the season opener and he returned to his CFL team, the Toronto Argonauts.

What CFL team has the second most grey cups?

Edmonton Eskimos with 13

Witch team in the CFL has the most fans?

Saskatchewan Roughriders no doubt.

When will the new 2010 season of the CFL begin?

The new CFL season will begin July 1st and end November 7th

Who has the most CFL Grey Cup wins of all time?

Hank Ilesic and Bill Stevenson are tied with seven CFL Grey Cup victories. Jack Wedley also was on the Grey Cup winning team seven times, but that was in the days before the CFL. My father was on six Grey Cup winners and one losing side. Again, that was before the CFL. Seven different players are tied for most Grey Cup appearances, with nine.

What CFL team has not won the Grey Cup?

As of 2013, all eight CFL teams have at least one Grey Cup victory to their credit. As of 2014 there are nine teams: the new Ottawa Redblacks have no Grey Cup wins unless you count the wins by the Ottawa Rough Riders.

What team has won the most CFL Grey Cup Games?

Hamilton and Toronto are tied with the most with 15 each

Are the Riders NFL or CFL?

CFL. It must be short for RoughRiders. There is no team called the "Riders" in the NFL. However, there is a team called the Raiders.

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