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As of 2013, all eight CFL teams have at least one Grey Cup victory to their credit. As of 2014 there are nine teams: the new Ottawa Redblacks have no Grey Cup wins unless you count the wins by the Ottawa Rough Riders.

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Q: What CFL team has not won the Grey Cup?
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Who are the Hamilton ticats?

The Hamilton Ticats are a Regular Cfl team that have won the Grey Cup 15 Time's

Who won the CFL grey cup in 2006?

The Grey Cup is awarded to the winning team of the Canadian Football League. On November 19th, 2006, the BC Lions defeated the Montreal Alouettes and won the 94th Grey Cup.

How many times has the Grey Cup been won by an American CFL based team and by which team?

Only once, by Baltimore Stallions in 1995.

What team won the 2011 grey cup?

The Grey Cup is the name of the trophy awarded to the champions of the Canadian Football League (CFL), and is analogous to the Vince Lombardi trophy in the US National Football League. The Grey Cup was first awarded by Canada's Governor General in 1909. Every current CFL team has won the Grey Cup. Teams that have won the Grey Cup in the last 60 years, but no longer play in the CFL, are the Baltimore Stallions* and Ottawa Rough Riders. No other teams have won the Grey Cup since the end of World War II. The Baltimore Stallions are the only team not based in Canada to have won the Grey Cup. (*The Baltimore Stallions are now the Montréal Alouettes.)

Between the Stanley cup and grey cup what teams has won the cup the most time?

Montreal canadians have won the Stanley |Cup 24 times, the most in history and seriously...who cares about the cfl

Which CFL team won the grey up in 2007?

Montreal Alouettes Um no actually that was the Saskatchewan Roughriders thank you.

How many Grey Cup Games has Winnipeg won?

As of 2012, the Toronto Argonauts have won 16 Grey Cup games, but only 6 of those have occurred since 1952. Other Toronto-based teams have won a further 7, but all those occurred before the end of World War II. The Toronto Argonauts have the most Grey Cup victories: 16.

Did Baltimore have a Canadian football team?

Yes, the Baltimore Stallions were there in 1994 and 1995, prior to the return of the NFL with the Ravens. The Stallions won a division title in 1994 and in 1995 became the only US team ever to win the Grey Cup (CFL Championship).

What teams have not won the grey cup?

Well, the Montréal Canadiens for one. Manchester United for another. Likewise the Boston Celtics and the Green Bay Packers. Perhaps the question would be better phrased "Which current CFL teams have not won the Grey Cup?" And the answer to that would be the Ottawa Redblacks, unless you are prepared to credit them with the Grey Cup victories won by the Ottawa Rough Riders.

Has any gray Cup hosting team actually won the gray Cup?

The Grey Cup Game is not hosted by a team, it is hosted by a city. Until 1954, the Grey Cup Game was almost always played in Toronto, because the largest stadium in Canada at the time (Varsity Stadium) was located in Toronto. From the time the Grey Cup was donated by the Governor General (1909) until 1952, Toronto-based teams had won the Grey Cup Game (played in Toronto) 17 times. Since the Canadian Football League (CFL) was established in 1958, the Grey Cup has been the exclusive property of the CFL. The following CFL teams have played in a Grey Cup Game held in the team's city: 1963 B.C. Lions (Vancouver) (loss) 1972 Hamilton Tiger-Cats (win) 1977 Montreal Alouettes (win) 1979 Montreal Alouettes (loss) 1982 Toronto Argonauts (loss) 1983 B.C. Lions (Vancouver) (loss) 1994 B.C. Lions (Vancouver) (win) 2002 Edmonton Eskimos (loss) 2012 Toronto Argonauts (win) As you can see, playing on home ground does not seem to improve nor hurt the chances of winning the Grey Cup.

Who was the last CFL team to win the grey cup at home?

Toronto Argonauts, a lot. Toronto has hosted the Grey Cup 47 times and a lot of those times a team from Toronto won, most recently the Argos in 2012. But Hamilton Tiger-Cats also won in Hamilton in 1972, Montréal in Montréal in 1977, BC in Vancouver in 1994 and 2011, and Saskatchewan Roughriders in Regina in 2013

What team won the grey cup game in 1960?

The Ottawa Rough Riders defeated the Edmonton Eskimos to win the 1960 Grey Cup.