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Most likely Canada or New England

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Q: Where was the ice hockey arena invented?
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Why they invented ice hockey?

They invented ice hockey because it is awesome.

Why did the ice arena get so hot after the big hockey game math sheet?

The answer to the joke 'Why did the ice arena get so hot after the big hockey game' is because of all the fans.

Was ice hockey invented in the 1920's?

No ice hockey was invented in the 1892 i think it was

Where can you find a youth ice hockey arena?

Ice palace or Anaheim Ice

Number of sections in an ice hockey rink?

It depends on the arena.

Why was the ice hockey stick invented?

The ice hockey stick was invented for the sport of very well heard of Ice hockey. The point of the stick is to take control of the puck on the ice.

Where was ice hockey invented?

Canada created ice hockey.

What is the lenght of a ice hockey arena?


Where was ice hockey made?

ice hockey was invented in Canada in 19 century.

What machine smooths ice hockey arena?

That I believe is a Zamboni.

When was the ice hockey puck invented?

The modern hockey puck was invented around 1875.

Any other sports invented in Germany besides ice hockey?

Germany did not invent ice hockey... It was invented by the native Americans of Canada, who played a game called shinny that later developed into ice hockey.

Who invented the hockey stick for ice hockey?

Tyler Groth

Which one is the biggest ice hockey arena?

Bell Centre in Montreal.

What is the temperature in an ice hockey arena?

just as cold/warm as in any other arena (e.g. Basketball, concerts ...)

How do you become a hockey cheerleader?

to get a job in hockey such as an ice girl or 'cheerleader', you have to contact the arena and apply for a certain position.

Which college hockey team has the greatest home ice advantage?

The University of Michigan (Yost Ice Arena)

How thick is the ice on the arena floor for hockey?

According to the International Ice Hockey Federation, the thickness needs to be about 3cm - see the link for further technical guidelines.

Why was ice hockey invented?

Boredom, curiosity and determination are three (3) possible reasons as to WHY hockey was invented.

Who invented the ice hockey skates?

You did

Oracle arena holds how many people?

Oracle Arena seats 19,596 fans for basketball and 17,200 for ice hockey.

Who created the ice hockey stick?

The Canadians invented the hockey stick along with the sport hockey.

Does the arena remove the ice when going from ice hockey to basketball?

In many places the ice is not removed; the basketball floor is placed over it. Of course, if they are not set up to put the floor over the ice, the ice is removed when going from ice hockey to basketball.

What country is the strongest in ice hockey?

CANADA! its in there blood hockey was invented by canadians

What sport do Sheffield Pittsburgh Steelers play?

The Sheffield Steelers are an ice hockey team. They are a member of the Elite Ice Hockey League, and they play their home games at the Sheffield Arena.