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Ice Hockey is more watched do I think ice hockey :)

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โˆ™ 2011-07-22 00:33:15
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Q: What is more popular ice hockey or tennis?
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What is the most popular sport in Sweden?

Floorball, soccer, tennis and ice hockey are pretty popular in Sweden.

What is more popular in America ice hockey or soccer?

Ice Hockey

Is ice hockey popular in Africa?

No, ice hockey is not popular in Africa as there is little or no snow in African countries

What is a popular past time for people in the Czech Republic?

Soccer, ice hockey, skiing, canoeing, swimming, tennis, cooking

What sport is more popular soccer or ice hockey or football?


What is the favorite sport in Russia?

The most popular or favorite sport in the country of Russia is hockey. Other popular sports include soccer, ice skating, and tennis.

In what will Michael Diamond be participating in the Summer Olympics 2008?

swimming and hockey and rugby and tennis and roller hockey and ice hockey.......

What are the most popular seasonal sports in Germany?

Association football is the most popular sport. Other spectator sports that are popular are auto racing, basketball, handball, ice hockey, tennis, and volleyball.

Which is more dangerous ice hockey or motercross?

ice hockey

What is more popular Ice hockey or American Football?

American football more positions and better contact

Is basketball popular in Nova Scotia?

No ice hockey is popular

Which on average has more injuries accidents etc ice hockey or street hockey?

Ice hockey

Who was the creator of ice hockey?

Ice hockey does not have a known creator for the spot, however, it is said to have evolved from field hockey that was being played in Europe for many centuries. Ice hockey is currently the most popular sport on ice.

What is a popular sport in yukoncanada?

Ice hockey

What is the popular sport in Sweden?

Ice Hockey

What is Canada popular sports?

ice hockey

What sports were popular in rome?

Ice hockey

Which sport wears more equipment ice hockey or football?

ice hockey

Is ice hockey popular in the Olympics?

Ice hockey is a popular event at the Winter Olympics for many countries. Canadians, northern and eastern Europeans particularly enjoy hockey, as do significant numbers in the northeastern USA.

What variations of hockey are there?

Ice Hockey, Street Hockey, and Rollerblade hockey. Im sure there might be another but these are the popular ones.

Is ice hockey popular in France?

Possibly because hockey originated in holland which is nearby.

What is the most popular sport in Vancouver?

Ice Hockey

Where is ice-hockey a popular spectator sport?


What are the popular winter sports of Canada?

Ice Hockey

How many ice hockey players are there in the world?

Ice Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world. Canada and the U.S. have the most participants, with worldwide participation at more than 1.5 million people.