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Hockey. Pucks were invented for Ice Hockey, and if it hadn't developed, more people would simply play Field Hockey (the original way of playing hockey).

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Q: What would people call hockey if hockey pucks weren't invented?
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When were hockey pucks first discovered?

Pucks weren't discovered, they were invented. Some sources date the invention as early as 1872.

How many hockey pucks can fit in a cubic yard?

5182 hockey pucks will fit into a cubic yard.

Hockey pucks square?


How many hockey pucks sold per year?

There are about 40 million hockey pucks sold per year

How many hockey pucks does the home team have to supply?

3 Pucks

Varsity hockey season requires how many pucks?

they require 5 pucks

How are hockey pucks distributed?

puks are used in ice hockey

What sports are pucks used in?


Why do yellow hockey pucks work best in the cold?

No not at all. I play hockey and practice in the winter outside and regualr pucks work the best.

How are hockey pucks made of?

Rubber that is then frozen

How are hockey pucks made?

Rubber that is then frozen

How are ice hockey pucks packaged?