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Anywhere one the field is 'in bounds'. If a Baseball is hit anywhere over the fence, anywhere on the field, it is out of bounds. If it is hit over the fence in the outfield it is a home run. Anywhere else it is just a foul ball.

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2011-04-27 14:07:41
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Q: Where is out of bounds in baseball?
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Are there out of bounds in baseball?

yes. however, if the baseball goes out of "bounds", its called foul.

How far away is the foul line from the out of bounds line?

there is no outof bounds line in baseball

How many baseball players can be out of bounds?


If baseball player drops catch in out of bounds is the ball live?


When is the ball out of bounds in a game of basketball?

When the ball makes contact with anything that is out of bounds (this includes touching the out of bounds line) it is considered 'out of bounds'. If the ball goes out of bounds in the air and is pulled back, it is not considered out of bounds.

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Can a player who is out of bounds direct the ball back in bounds and continue play?

No. Once the ball touches a player that is out of bounds, the ball is considered out of bounds.

What are fouls called for?

In baseball, fouls are when the ball is hit out of bounds, or not withing the first and third base lines.

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Can a player run out of bounds then catch a pass in bounds?

Only if the player was forced out of bounds by a defensive player.

What is the rule if a ball touches the out of bounds line in golf?

If the ball finishes in bounds, there is no penalty, even if the ball travels out of bounds and somehow moves back in bounds. If the ball finishes on the out of bounds line (which is usually marked by white posts, or a fence) , it is deemed to be out of bounds, and you must replay your previous shot. You still have to count the out-of-bounds shot in your score, and there is also a one stroke penalty for hitting the ball out of bounds.

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