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The sidelines in Basketball mark the out of bounds mark. If you cross it and you are on offense you turn the ball over.

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Q: What are the sidelines in basketball?
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What is the length between the two sidelines in basketball?

2 feet

What is the line of the basketball court?

There are alot of lines. Sidelines, free throw line.

How many officials are there in basketball?

There is 3, two on the sidelines or endlines and 1 on the court.

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What sport uses a sideline?

Sidelines are used in American and Canadian football, basketball and lacrosse. A sideline is also used in sports such as soccer and rugby, but they are known as touch-lines.

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Does a basketball player have to leave the game if time is called for injury?

Yes. It isn't football where the player can simply go to the sidelines and get checked on. They take him/her to the locker room and they can return at anytime.

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