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In Basketball people have 5 seconds to take the ball out of bounds.

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Q: What is the 5 seconds regulation for basketball?
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How many seconds do basketball players have to inbound the ball?

A player has 5 seconds to get the ball in bounds.

How long can to hold a basketball for?

5 seconds

How many seconds can you be out of bounds in basketball?

When in-bounding the ball, 5.

How long can player hold the basketball when guarded?

5 seconds

What is the size of a regulation basketball?

A regulation sized basketball is 29.5 inches. A 10 and under size basketball is 28.5. 28.5 is also the regulation size for women's basketball.

How man seconds are you aloud with the bll in basketball?

The limited time you can hold the ball for is 5 seconds.

How many seconds does the player in a basketball game get to throw the ball in bounds after it has been scored?

5 seconds

In basketball How many seconds do you have to inbound the ball?

In the NCAA you have 10 seconds to cross midcourt and you can not cross back over.

What is the domension of the basketball coaching box on a regulation basketball court?

what is the answer

What are the ball regulations in basketball?

Generally, boys' 12 and under use a womens basketball of 28.5 inches. At 13, boys' use the regulation size ball of 29.5 inches.

How much restart time is allowed in basketball for a sideline throw?

5 seconds

How long is a player allowed to hold a basketball in a game of basetball?

5 seconds