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Q: Is it illegal to go out of bounds without the basketball?
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Can you keep the basketball in play go out of bounds then go in and pick it up again with out no one else touching it?

No, you may not as this is an illegal move.

Can a basketball player intentionally go out of bounds and then come back in bounds on offense?


What is the sideline in basketball?

The sideline on a basketball court is the line that marks where you meant to go. If you cross over it you go 'out of bounds'.

When playing basketball if the ball is passed and goes out of bounds but is caught live ball by opposite team who is it out on?

in order for a ball in basketball to be considered to be out of bounds the ball MUST touch/hit the ground out bounds ... if the ball does not touch/hit out of bounds the ball is still live a play can go out of bounds to throw/pass the ball back in bounds so long as the player that is going for the ball bounds feet are in the air when he makes contact with the ball ...

Can you be the first player to touch the basketball if you go out of bounds?

yeah, ur thinking of football when if a receiver goes out of bounds, he can't touch the ball first. In basketball, you can jump into the crowd if u want and back and then still get the ball.

Can a player run out of bounds without the ball because there is no room to go around the defender inbounds in basketball?

if he is just standing near the sideline and you go out to avoid him, its the other teams ball. but if he pushes you out then its called a force out and you imbound the ball where he knock you out.

Can you run out of bounds to get around someone and come back in bounds to continue play during a game of basketball?

During the course of play, as long as you reestablish legal position on the court prior to receiving the ball play continues without penalty. An inbounds play may be a different case. I believe you cannot be the first one to touch the inbounded ball if you go out of bounds to shake a defender.

In basketball if a player shoots and has it blocked then his momentum carries him out of bounds both feet out then the blocked shot lands on him whose ball is it?

The ball is considered dead when it touches the court out of bounds or touches a player that is out of bounds. In this case, the ball would go to the team that blocked the shot. Had the ball touched the court out of bounds before touching the player, the ball would go to the shooting team.

If you are fifteen years old and in New Hampshire is it illegal to go to a friends house without permission?

No, it is not illegal. No, it is not illegal. No, it is not illegal. No, it is not illegal. No, it is not illegal.

When can a punt returner in football go out of bounds and return in bounds to return the punt?

Never . No one can go out of bounds and be the first one to touch the ball.

Why is a boxing ring important?

Because without it, the boxers would go all around town and never be out of bounds.

What does alive in basketball mean?

if someone says that the ball is alive they means that ithasn't gone out of bounds yet and you could still pick it up and go score

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