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Weight lifting came from the Olympics. It started there as having participants from different countries. By letting the audience see that they can prove to them that they can lift the barbell with metal plates as heavy as it can.

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2009-08-07 08:09:46
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Q: Where did the event weight lifting come from?
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Where did the sport weight lifting come from?


Is boxing weight lifting?

No, boxing is not weight lifting

How long has weightlifting been an olympic event?

weight lifting has been around since the nineteenth centuary

Is weight lifting the strongest event in Olympics?

It depends because in most events you have to be strong in a different kind of way.

Is weight lifting an olympic sport?

There are many different types of weight lifting. There is Olympic Weight Lifting which includes Power Lifting, and then there is Strength Training and Body Building.

What is power in weight lifting?

To be honest, I'm just starting out in weight lifting. But to me, power, as it relates to weight lifting, is the ability to consistently lift a given amount of weight.

Where did weight lifting first come from?

I think weight lifting first came from the Olympics. Weight lifting is a sport which contestants attempt an utmost mass single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates. It tests the limit of the participant's strength and ballistic limits with smaller weights. It also executes quicker and with more mobility.

Is weight lifting safe for children?

Children always should be supervised when lifting weights and instructed on proper form during weight lifting. Otherwise, yes, weight lifting is safe for children.

How do you gain weight by lifting weights?

Exactly as you said: by lifting weights. Regardless of what type of weight-lifting program you are following, lifting weights will (and should; if not, increase the weight/reps) will increase muscle size and ultimately lead to a heavier weight.

What is the controlled breathing technique when weight lifting?

breath out when lifting and breath in while you lower the weight

What are the risks of weight lifting?

weight lifting without proper cardiovascular exercise can lead to strokes

How much does a weight lifting bar weigh?

A weight lifting bar weighs 45 pounds.

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