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if it's a strike

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Q: When would a umpire give a no ball?
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Baller end umpire can give no ball if ball is bounce up through the bats man sholder?

no he can not give.. it's full responsible for leg umpire only

What penalty to batter if ball hits umpire?

The umpire calls you out on next ball

What does the umpire do when a batsman hits the ball to the boundary?

What does the umpire do when a batsman hits the ball to the boundary

A player stops the ball the wrong side of the stick What action should the umpire take?

If the ball is stopped on the back stick, the umpire should give a free-hit to the opposing team.

Why do players take the baseball and shake it in front of the umpire after the last out of an inning?

They are not shaking the ball at them so much as they are making sure the umpire sees that they are going to toss them the ball. The umpires like to inspect them before putting them back into play. The fielder is telling the umpire that he (the fielder) is removing the ball from the game. Either because, in the fielder's opinion, the ball is dirty or he is going to give the ball to a fan.

Softball hits umpire in fair territory?

if the umpire is inside the base path, then it is a dead ball... no pitch --- if the umpire is outside the base paths then it is a live ball

What is Scoring rule when batted ball hits umpire?

If it hits the umpire behind home plate, it is a foul ball. If it hits a field umpire who is in bounds, then it is a live ball, meaning that the batter might be thrown out at first, or he might reach first base safely (and then this would be scored as a hit without an error),

If a batted ball hits an umpire in fair territory is the ball live?

According to MLB rules, that would depend on the situation. MLB Rule 5.09(f) states that the ball becomes dead and runners advance one base, or return to their bases, without liability to be put out when "A fair ball touches a runner or an umpire on fair territory before it touches an infielder including the pitcher, or touches an umpire before it has passed an infielder other than the pitcher. Rule 5.09(f) Comment: If a fair ball touches an umpire working in the infield after it has bounded past, or over, the pitcher, it is a dead ball. If a batted ball is deflected by a fielder in fair territory and hits a runner or an umpire while still in flight and then is caught by an infielder it shall not be a catch, but the ball shall remain in play." If the ball hits the umpire first, the ball is dead. If a defensive player touches the ball and then the ball hits the umpire, the ball is live.

Why might an umpire decide to give a toss up in netball?

If 2 people catch the ball at the same time.

What is the role of the coaches in netball?

The job of the coach is to be the umpire. The umpire basically makes decisions like what team gets the ball and when a ball is out.

Can bastman out when umpire called a bowler it is no ball?

He can only be out on a no-ball when it is a runout

If the pitched ball hits the umpire is it a dead ball?

It depends. If the ball hits the umpire in the mask and stuns him. He will most likely call a dead ball or time. If he doesn't thoug. It is a live ball and still in play.

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