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An extremely clear answer would be - the umpire would blow the whistle and the players should pause the game. After that, the umpire would shout "Contact!" and would state the action a player had used on another. She then would gesture towards the player which had been contacted and the player who had contacted the other. Telling the player that had contacted another to stand beside one of the players of the other team to take the ball. And if the contact was done outside the semi-circle, they would get a free pass but if it is in the semi-circle either shooter would take the ball and get a penalty of either a pass or a shot

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Q: What decision would the umpire in netball give about cotact?
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How much do netball umpires get paid?

the minimum a netball umpire would get paid is $8

What are the main things to know as a netball umpire?

To know the rules, such as Stepping, Obstruction and other things like that. You would be best of typing into youtube 'How to Umpire a Netball Game' I did and it came up with a few great videos showing how to actually do it showing step by step. If I could I would get the video but I am unable to do so. Sorry (:

What would the umpire award for an infringement of the footwork rule in netball?

A free pass would be given, to the other team. The player who commited the footwork, would not have to stand by her side.

What would happen if 2 players bumped into each other going after the ball at the same time in netball?

you should ask an umpire. nah kidding it depends if someone got theball, if it was purpose full or if the umpire was favouring

What do the umpires where in netball?

they would normally wear white clothing with sunglasses if they are umpireing out side.The best way to tell if someone is an umpire is by seeing if they are wearing a club shirt or not.

Why the ball is used in netball?

If there was no ball it would not be called netball it would be called net

How do you spell netball in french?

Netball is not a word in french because it is not played in France. If someone were to refer to netball they would just call it "netball".

Similarities of netball and fast netball?

I play netball and i dnt think there is even a "fast netball". But if there is i guess it would all be the same but, faster:\

What are set plays in netball?

a set play in netball would be a throw in

When would a player in netball take an advantage?

When the netball player wants to

In netball What is the umpires decision when 2 opposing players go offside simultaneously?

Usually a toss up would be done or play could continue normal if neither player affected the game. Just depends on the umpire, they might even see only one player go offside and award a free pass to the opposing team.

Does weather effect the bounce of a netball?

Yes weather does effect the bounce of a netball. because if it was windy. the netball would move.

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